Five Ways the Smartphone Has Improved Our Lives

A couple of decades ago, you couldn’t have imagined just how much smartphones would improve many areas of your life. Yet, today, the many improvements that have occurred due to smart technology can be taken for granted. Here is a look at five ways smartphones have made life better.

We Can Make Payments More Easily

With credit and debit cards becoming the standard way of paying for things, it looks like cash is on its way out. With some smartphones, you can now pay for items even more efficiently by using contactless pay points. Also, online banking and payment sites like PayPal are simple to access through a smartphone. So, you can make payments quicker and easier than ever before. In the not too distant future, it’s possible all banking and monetary transactions will become handled via smart devices. That can help to solve problems like stolen wallets and counterfeit money.

We Have Better Access to Games

Having instant access to a wide variety of games of different genres simply was not possible before the advent of the smartphone. With integrated graphics cards and 3D console conversions powered by Nano processors, mobile games have higher definition and better playability than ever before. Playing video games at any time in any location has undoubtedly improved the lives of many people around the globe. But it’s not only the fun aspect of mobile games that make life better. Playing mobile games can actually reduce stress levels. Mobile gaming has also revolutionised the gambling industry. No longer do you have to visit a real-world casino to play slot machines and table games. Thousands of games are available instantly via sites like Casumo in India and other countries.

We Are Safer

Only a few decades ago, walking home alone at night was far more dangerous than it is now because you were unable to contact anyone instantaneously should trouble occur. You can now instantly contact emergency services or others in the event of an accident or encountering a dangerous situation. Furthermore, tracking features of smartphones keep a record of where you are at any time, and you can gain extra protection with personal safety apps like bSafe. These allow your loved ones to trace your movements, so they know you are OK. 

We Have Better Access to Healthcare

If you’re unwell and holed up at home, you could put off visiting your doctor. Indeed, you may not be in a position to leave your home at all. The good news is there are now apps like Doctor on Demand that can bring qualified doctors straight to your smartphone screen. There are also apps for managing illnesses, addressing learning disabilities, and hands-free phones like the Android phone Sesame Enable for people who cannot use their hands. Smart technology is improving healthcare access in many ways, and these improvements are set to increase more and more over the next few years. For example, Harvard professor George Whitesides has created a paper chip that can be dabbed with blood to diagnose diseases like HIV, hepatitis and malaria. 

We Can Detect Earthquakes

The future of smart technology is exciting. You’ll soon see smartphones with a multitude of other uses coming onto the scene. For example, smartphones may soon replace traditional seismometer networks to detect earthquakes. Your smartphone already contains a Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems accelerometer to track movement and keep your map rotated to the right direction. Scientists have recently found that these can be used to detect earthquakes of magnitudes higher than five when you are close to an earthquake’s epicentre.

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