How Sample Papers Can Help to Crack JEE Exam?

Are you preparing for the JEE Mains exam? Then you are already aware of how difficult the exam is. Even after months of hard work, a lot of aspirants fail to achieve an excellent rank in the exam. Cracking this national level entrance exam is really important for those who want to get admitted to premier IITs and other engineering institutes. In order to avoid that situation, we are going to discuss some important things regarding the JEE Mains 2020 paper with you in this blog.

You must have heard a lot about sample papers and mock tests that are conducted for the JEE aspirants. That is one of the best ways in which you can achieve a much higher rank than you expected. There is surely a huge difference between giving a mock test and the main exam, but it surely helps to improve your knowledge. For all the aspirants who are skeptical about giving mock tests and practice sample papers, read our blog to know more about why to do it.

Benefits You Get By Solving Sample Papers

Take a look at all these benefits that you will acquire when you start solving sample paper –

Time Management Skills – time management is one of the most vital skills for any given competitive entrance examination. The JEE mains exam is only for 3 hours and within that given time you will have to attempt 300 marks. So that is quite intimidating for a lot of aspirants. At the same time, you must solve all the questions to expand your chances of getting good marks. That is why solving sample papers helps you to improve time management skills.

Speed and Precision – the better your speed and precision is, the higher your chances are to score good marks in the JEE Mains exam. Solving all the available questions from the paper helps to make way for a better result. Good speed should also need to be complemented by precision. You cannot afford to make silly mistakes, this is because there is negative marking in the exam. One mark will be deducted for wrong answers.

Performance Growth – you should be always aware of your own skills and performance capabilities. This helps to prepare for the exam in a more efficient and sophisticated way. Solving at least two sample papers every week helps you to assess your preparation for the week. It also brings out your weaknesses and tells you which topics need more attention.

Question Pattern – many aspirants, when they sit for the JEE Mains exam, get baffled by the question pattern and find it time consuming to get familiar with the different aspects of the paper. But, if you solve sample papers regularly, then you are out of this danger zone. Vedantu JEE main sample paper made on par with the pattern of the main examination and it is helpful for you  to understand it without any kind of hassles.

Boost Confidence – if you are not confident about your own skills and abilities, then it can be really difficult to score good marks in the exam. Solving sample papers helps you to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, thus allowing you to work on them even more. This leads to a boost in confidence in the long run.

So, these are some of the best benefits of solving JEE Mains 2020 Examination sample papers. If you really want to get a good rank in the JEE, then solving sample papers should be a vital part of your overall strategy for the examination.

Shortcut Techniques For JEE Mains Exam

Here are some important shortcut techniques for JEE Mains examination that will help you to get the correct answers without negative marking – 

  • Always avoid answering the highest and lowest possibilities in case of a confusion. In more than 65% of the cases, it has been found that the highest and lowest options were not correct.
  • You must not gamble in more than two options. You will need to tick out two of the options which are not correct by any means. Gamble on any two options.
  • If you are absolutely unsure of an answer, then you must not attempt it. There is always the risk of negative marking. Instead of trying and getting a negative mark, it is better to avoid the question and save the deduction.

So, here are some really important information that will help you crack the JEE Mains examination in 2020. Make sure to check out the different Vedantu resources and sample papers for JEE Mains and revamp your performance.

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