How can you keep your identity safe online?

While ethical hacking is legal, we must understand that more than the ethical hackers, there are millions of unethical hackers who are trying to steal the data through a lot of ways. With the boom of internet technology, the growth of data-stealing has also increased exponentially. When you create an account on any of the social media channels or any other apps when you download them, the page might ask you for your personal information. When you are submitting the information, you must make sure to check twice and then hit the submit button.

Most of the people that are involved in internet banking should also be extra careful and check with the bank people if they have asked for such information even before providing them. Most of the time, valuable information would be hacked when people end up providing them out of ignorance. So, if you feel that something is not right, you must immediately take action instead of crying over the spilled milk. In this article, we have focused on the points that would help you to maintain your online identity safely. We hope that these points would come handy to you when you are filling forms or providing information on the websites.

Be careful when you click on a link.

Do not click SPAM Links online

When you are searching for information using the search engines, ensure that you click on a link that is genuine. Not all the links that are listed right on the first page of the search engines are genuine. Hence, you must make sure to check if the website has the https:// or the http:// right at the beginning of the address. Generally, the websites that start with https:// are considered to be secured.

Have different passwords in different places

A lot of people make this blunder of having the same password everywhere on all the accounts they create. This gives a great opportunity for people who are stealing one of your accounts to access the others as well. Hence, it is recommended to use different passwords on every website and every account that you have. The chances of stealing your information from all the places can be curbed like this. 

Anti-virus can be helpful

Anti-virus can be helpful

Anti-virus and anti-malware software are made to block ad quarantine those links that aren’t genuine. Some of the anti-virus software is highly efficient in identifying the suspected threats and quarantining them. This software can give you amazing browsing experience and also ensures the safety of your identity as well.

Block when you are not sure

Most of the time, a few accounts can be highly intimidating. Such accounts are to be blocked immediately because when you are in doubt about a certain account or if you are sure that it is not through one of your known sources, it is always recommended to block them rather than inviting trouble unnecessarily.

Use your phone features wisely

Phones like blackberries, iPhones, and Androids have their own intelligence to encrypt and protect the data from being stolen. Those features are to be used effectively else, losing the identity to someone even without knowing the difference between anonymity and confidentiality would be high. Hence, learn all the functionalities and features on your phone and then set them up accordingly.

Shopping can be dangerous

Shopping is one of the most favourite activities for everyone, but you must know and be careful where you are shopping. Some of the online shopping channels can be dubious, and they might ask you for your credit card and bank details. Any information when given without verifying the source of the website can cost you quite a lot. Also, when you approach the banks later, they would not come to your rescue as well. Hence, this is one of the places where you need to be very careful and act wisely.

Stay away from public Wi-Fi.

Most of the public Wi-Fi can be dangerous. There could be a lot of hackers that could be using the same network. When you connect to an unknown network, you must be extra cognizant. This can be one of the major sources to lose your identity to someone else, even without knowing.

Use strong passwords

Most of the websites always recommend you to have passwords that are a combination of alpha-numeric codes, small and capital letters, and symbols. Creating such passwords would always make it tough for hackers to steal the information easily because the level of encryption would be high here. Apart from these, you can always keep clearing the cookies, cache, and history and protect your devices with a password.

Well, these are some of the easiest yet efficient ways to understand anonymity and fake personas. When you do all these things, you would effectively be able to tackle the issues of being hacked unnecessarily.

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