Get Your CMM Machine Operating on All Cylinder with These Tips

North America was home to some of the most productive in the world for decades during the 20th century, but in the latter decades, it was subject to competition unleashed by globalization. It was a challenge, because countries with traditionally smaller economies had fewer regulations and cheaper labour costs, meaning factories there were cheaper to operate than ones in North America.

Manufacturing here had to become more efficient and cost effective to remain economically viable, and one of the main methods of achieving this was increasing automation along assembly lines. This was accomplished with the help of coordinate measuring machines, or CMM machines.

CMM machines scan parts or objects ranging in size from micrometres to over a hundred feet — whether you’re using new or used CMM machines they perform with great accuracy, and can tell whether or not there’s a defect in what it’s measuring. They can be operated by either a human or computer, and the latter is what makes them so conducive to performing quality control.

It’s easy to see that CMM machines are extremely important, but they should be treated with as much care as possible so you know you’re getting the best results. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to pamper your CMM machine.

Professional Installation

Relying on your CMM machine to know that a product meets the proper standards means that it needs to work precisely and with repeatable results right from day one, which means they should be installed by a professional metrologist. Even variables like room temperature can influence its performance, so it needs to be calibrated for this in the beginning.

Authorized dealers often deliver the best services, in addition to selling the equipment. They’ve worked in the industry for decades, and they know it inside and out. If you need CMM services such as portable arm recalibration, upgrades and retrofits, CMM calibration, machine relocation, or preventative maintenance, visit an authorized CMM dealer.

Accredited Specialists Only

If your company doesn’t have its own in-house metrologist expert, you can hire one to consult about things like sourcing replacement parts and machine calibration. When dealing with complex equipment like CMM machines, it’s essential that you only let an expert who is ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 accredited examine your equipment.

This includes all the parts, like probes, probe heads, and all the latest software.

Training Your Employees

While CMM machines are associated with automation, many processes in them still require human assistance. Training your employees in how best to use this equipment or updating their knowledge is a sure way to get more from these machines.

Measurement solutions providers don’t only sell and service this equipment, they usually offer CMM training and e-courses.

E-Learning modules allow students to learn or brush up their skills without even having to leave the factory where they’re already working.

CMM machines helped the manufacturing sector of North America when it badly needed assistance, and today it can still do fantastic work in your factory. Just follow these tips, and you’ll get the most from these machines that you possibly can.

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