The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, a neurosurgeon, or a leader of the free world to say how big the world of mobile technology is today – in fact all it takes is a mobile phone salesman, or just a half a look around you. The likelihood is you’ll see someone on their mobile. Chances are they’ll be playing a game too. In fact, 64% of mobile users play games on a daily basis.

Mobile gaming has skyrocketed in the past few years, and since the advent of the Apple iPhone in 2007 it can even boast being able to compete with the likes of PC and console gaming.

Although it had a much more modest – yet highly addictive – start to life.

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

It was almost 10 years previous that we were introduced to the first high profile mobile gaming. First featuring on the Nokia 6110, Snake captured our hearts and set the tone for successful mobile games to come, being simple, yet hooking players for hours, transforming train carriages from commuters reading, to obsessive gamers navigating their blocks of pixels round a dimly lit screen.

Technology obviously has moved on leaps and bounds since then. We moved from WAP to 3G to 4G in almost a heartbeat and can now surf the web on our mobiles as quick as we can on our laptop or PC – perfect for gaming.

The age of high-speed internet has transformed the way we game, with Online Casino King games capturing a large portion of the market with popular role-playing titles not far behind. It’s this diversity which has been pivotal to the evolution of mobile gaming. The mobile casino industry alone is huge and with this dramatic industry growth, mobile gaming as a whole expected to be worth over $100 billion by 2017.

And it’s no real surprise, the release of the iPhone 6 has upped the gaming industry considerably with their A8 chip making performance on even the most graphically demanding games such as Real Racing 3 and Epic Zen Garden, whilst the rise of the phablet phenomenon and releases such as the Nexus 6 is giving users a much bigger screen to work with.

With the display enlarged a hand of poker on the virtual tables are more immersive, whilst it’s much easier to catapult angry birds into green pigs.

Where mobile gaming can go from here, well the possibilities are endless. The invention of PlayStation Now could be a huge step forward for Sony’s mobile devices with it expected to launch on Xperia devices eventually, meaning console games will be playable from mobile. Although with the quality most other devices are progressing at, we’ll be playing PS4 standard games with whatever we’re carrying in our pocket, and that…well…is a long way away from Snake.

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