E-bikes & Electric Scooters – Pro & Cons

When you used to hear the word bike or scooter, the first image that popped into your head was that of a child riding it. These days, things have drastically changed with the apparition of revolutionary and quite affordable E-bikes and electric scooters that make commutes for adults more fun, convenient, and help cut down on costs for those who used to ride their cars over relatively short distances.

As these alternative means of transportation became valuable for everyday mobility, especially for those who think of themselves as fighters in the war against pollution and reckless use of the natural sources provided by Mother Earth, their sales numbers have considerably grown, streets being flooded with them all over the country. However, we need to keep a realistic perspective and admit that there are downsides to riding an E-bike or an electric scooter instead of their traditional counterparts that don’t require electricity to run.

Pro #1 – Save time and energy

Technically, you don’t save either when you compare them to your car, but you do indeed save a lot of time and energy if you compare these transportation means do their classic, traditional counterparts. Even if the electric bike has you pedaling, just like the classic model does, the speeds it can reach are incomparable. On the other hand, the E-scooter is much more convenient as all you have to do is sit vertically on it, change the speed with the controls on the handles, and steer it – no more swinging your foot on the ground continuously to move ahead.

  • Fact: As there is less effort and energy required on the user’s part, the electric bike as well as the scooter make for ideal options for seniors and those who are physically unable to travel long distances.

Pro #2 – Low carbon footprint

A study has revealed that, on average, a car releases 229 grams of greenhouse gases per passenger, per kilometer. On the other side, the same study shows that electric bikes and scooters produce significantly less greenhouse gases in the same circumstances, more precisely approximately 16 grams. Thus, as you switch to using them, you cut down your carbon footprint dramatically.

  • Fact: Unfortunately, the production, transportation, distribution, and the use of electricity make them leave behind a small carbon footprint. Your first guess was probably that greenhouse gas release is 0% with them, but this isn’t true.

Pro #3 – Burn calories

Realistically speaking, this is a benefit you will reap only when using an E-bike as the E-scooter doesn’t require you to do any movement except for sitting on your feet while riding it. On the other hand, the E-bike, just like an ordinary one, has you pedaling in order to make it move and reach your destination. As opposed to the car, transportation means that you consume 0 calories when you use, by riding the E-bike for your daily commute, you can burn up to 600 calories depending on the distances you must cross. If you keep at it, weight loss will be visible in no time, your lower body muscle mass will improve greatly, and you will be toned.

  • Fact: If you burn approximately 3000 calories per week in order to get from home to work and back by riding the bike, you will actually lose up to 20 pounds after an year of taking up this healthy practice.

Pro #4 – Get rid of traffic jams

For those who live in big, crowded cities where traffic jams seem to be a normal thing by this point, especially during work days of the week, getting the chance to sneak pass the chaotic traffic is a bliss, and you can enjoy this perk if you use one of these methods of transportation. However, you are limited as using them on the sidewalk is not recommended, incidents having a higher chance of occurring if you do so.


  • Fact: Due to the fact that you can use them on the bike lane, you can significantly cut down on the time it takes for you to get from home to work and back. At the end of the day, depending on how bad traffic is in your area, you could save up to 30-60 minutes with this alternative transportation method.

Pro #5 – Economical solution

Let’s face it, no one holds the action of spending money on gas dearly. No matter the area you live in, one thing is for sure – a good part of your hard earned cash is thrown away on supplying the car with fuel to get to your destinations conveniently. However, you can get there just as conveniently with the E-bike or scooter, and with way less money spent as there is no gas fuel involved due to the fact that they need to be charged using electricity. For your wallet and overall financial situation, this is a heaven sent.

  • Fact: On average, if you ride 150 miles per week, you consume approximately $10 in terms of electricity, which is incomparably less than what you spend if you were to ride your car.


  • Undoubtedly, the biggest inconvenience is the fact that it needs recharging, and that process takes time. Depending on the model you choose, you get anywhere from 5 to 25 miles that you can enjoy. After that, it depletes of power and you have to spend a few hours to recharge it and use it again.
  • As opposed to cars, bikes and scooters are a lot easier to steal as there aren’t special places to “park” them everywhere. Furthermore, even when you do have a spot to put them, it’s usually exposed and thus makes for a perfect target for thieves. However, you could partially solve your problem with a GPS tracker that you attach to the transportation means so that in the off-chance it gets stolen, you can contact the authorities and help them catch the culprit faster and easier.
  • No matter how much we bash cars, it is undeniable that they present a much safer method of transportation than bikes and scooters do as you are inside this 2 or 4-door vehicle that cages you from impact, making it less probable for you to sustain serious injuries in case of an accident. The same luxury isn’t had with them as you are fully exposed, which implies that you have to wear a helmet to protect your head in case of a collision with a hard surface.


Back in the day, you were more likely to see a child on a bike or scooter, but these days, adults are going crazy over these alternative means of transportation as they are more convenient, economic, and fun. However, there are always downsides that have to be takes into consideration, and E-bikes and electric scooters make no exception, boasting positive as well as negative aspects.

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