Considering Encryption Options? Here’s What You Should Look For

According to the World Economic Forum, cyber attack was third on a list of the most significant threats facing businesses this year. In an age of high profile data breaches, hacks, and instances of corporate and government espionage, this fact is unlikely to come as a surprise to anyone, and for the savvy businessperson in 2018, the question is not if they will need to deal with cyber attacks, but when.  

As the number of threats has expanded, the cyber security industry has exploded. There are now dozens of options available for protecting communications and defending against cyber crime, all of which bill their service as the best way to keep your organization’s internal and external communications private. Encryption remains the gold standard when it comes to digital security, but even within the world of encryption softwarethere are a variety of different options, each of which claims to provide the best protection. 

Given that most shoppers lack the technical knowledge to understand the difference between one encryption service’s algorithms and protocols and another’s, how can potential buyers make an informed decision? The world of encryption is constantly changing and evolving, but here are a few general things you should look for in an encryption provider if you want to find a service that will offer maximum protection without sacrificing functionality: 

Expanded Networks

One of the most important benefits of an encrypted messaging platform is that it allows you to conduct your business in a secure and confidential manner. Because of the nature of encryption software, users can only communicate with people equipped with the same encryption technology. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the encryption software you choose gives you access to as wide a range of other businesses and individuals as possible. 

Chat, Image And Voice Messaging Options

For many companies considering encryption options, choosing software is not just a question of security, but of usability. Most modern businesspeople expect to have seamless access to the latest communication tools, and yet many encryption options do not allow for chat, image, and voice messaging. With the latest encryption software (for example, ChatMailSecure’s CAMP protocol), you can use your favourite communication media without foregoing the security of encryption. The CAMP protocol also includes sophisticated new tools for guaranteeing even greater anonymity: administrators can facilitate anonymous group chats that give their contacts the opportunity to talk to each other without either party having their identity revealed.


A Seamless, Flexible Interface

Just because cryptography is a complicated and technical field doesn’t mean an encrypted smartphone needs to be hard to use. The days when encrypted messaging meant using a cumbersome, ugly interface are long gone, so look for an encryption provider who can deliver a smart, smooth user experience. 

In the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, cyber security was listed not just as one of the biggest threats to business, but also as one of the most likely. And the organizations that can least afford the most extensive cyber security protections are also the ones that need them most. Major firms may be able to survive major data breaches or hacks, but they can easily put smaller companies out of business. 

For these kinds of companies, encryption provides unparalleled protection at affordable rates, offering lasting security solutions. A good encryption provider is key to the security and success of your business, so be sure to choose a provider that can deliver expanded networks, a variety of modern messaging options, and a flexible interface.  

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