Certification Guide: What Exactly is Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certification? How to Ace 70-741 Exam with Exam Dumps?

Do you want to design sophisticated network topologies, enhancesecurity or just build a smartidea? With the recent technological advancements,it’s fair to say that these are exciting times for IT geeks.

Due to its excellent products, this great corporation has remained a leading IT giant, within which many people strive to build a career or become certified to possess the most relevant skills. Along with its internet browsers, Office suite, Microsoft is highly respected for its Operating systems under the name of Microsoft Windows. Windows Server, for instance, is a common brand name that’s only synonymous with Microsoft. To help you understand what you need to become a fully competent individual that can manage different products within the Windows Serve 2016 infrastructure, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to 70-741 exam. This is the second out of the three tests that you need to pass to attain the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential here.

So, without much ado, let’sbrieflyhighlight the advantages of migrating to Windows Server 2016.

Benefits of the Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 has been designed with interesting features and functionalities to help improve work efficiency.This platform has taken advantage of the cloud infrastructureto deliver optimal performance in 3 key networking areas. Read on to find the 3 key benefits of the latest Server 2016 platform.

  1. ImprovedSecurity

Exam-labs Windows Server 2016 is not just your ordinary server infrastructure.It has been designed to deliver security features at the OS level which also includes the breach resistance feature that blocks your system from malicious attacks.

Other security features included in the Windows Server 2016 include control flow guard, shieldedvirtual machinesamongother features that satisfy the regulatory objectives.

  1. Cloud-Oriented Application Platform

Windows Server 2016 has been designed to support innovation and application development using container technology. This option speeds up development and deployment to ensure an organization meets its business needs efficiently.

  1. Software-Defined Data Center

This type of data center improves cost savings while at the same time increasing flexibility by controlling different aspects of hardware and softwaresystems. This feature borrows a lot from the MicrosoftAzure platform and is key to improved efficiency and reduced IT costs.

About the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certification

Earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential portrays you as a dedicated IT professional who’s committed to their career goals. With this credential, you show that you are capable of working with a set of Windows Server 2016 products and services to help your organization achieve its goals. To earn this badge, you need to pass three exams which are 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742.

In the end, you can also qualify to work either as a computer network specialist or a computer systems administrator, all of which attract huge financial rewards in the long run.

About the Microsoft 70-741 exam

Since this article is focused on 70-741 test, let’s move to it. The Microsoft 70-741 exam,Networking with Windows Server 2016 exam is one of the qualifying tests for the increasingly popular MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification.This exam costs $165 for every attempt and is currently administered in 6 languages including Portuguese,Japanese, German,French, Chinese, and English. Like any other Microsoft test, you’ll have 120 minutes within which you need to complete 40-60 questions.

Skills Tested

The Microsoft 70-741 test validates your skills and ability related to a wide range of technical skills with every topic assigned a specific weight in this exam.

These include designing the application architecture(15-20%),designing the build and development architecture(10-15%),designing the user experience(15-20%),troubleshooting and debugging web applications(20-25%),and designing and implementing security(15-20%).

Preferred Exam Audience

70-741 exam candidatesmanage a wide range of networkingtasks related to the modern Windows Server 2016 infrastructure.For this reason, all exam takers should be well conversant with the implementation and management of IPAM,DHCP,and DNS before registering for the test.Besides,the Microsoft 70-741 exam candidates should also show great proficiency in the deployment of remote solutions such as RADIUS and VPN.

Other nice-to-have networking skills include the management of branch cache solutions as well asDFS,the implementation of SoftwareDesigned Networking(SDN) solutions, which means that you need to be proficient is using both network controller and Hyper-V network virtualization.

You all know that before taking any test, you need to get effective preparation. We’ve made a list of the top material that will assist you in taking 70-741 test.

Best Exam Training Resources

Instructor-Led Learning

First and foremost, enroll into the Microsoft’s instructor-led training platformto help you understand the exam concepts and pass 70-741 exam easily. The most important training course you will find here is 20714A that’s specifically created to help you pass the test.

Practice Test

Taking an officialpractice test for the Microsoft 70-741 exam designed by the vendorwon’t hurt your aspirations. Visit the Microsoft official website among other reliable platforms to find real and updated exam questions that will help you ace the test easily in your first try.

Other Training Options

Aside from the two highlighted options, you can also check out Microsoft’s online training, study groups and revision books (from Amazon or Microsoft Press Store) that can help you pass your exam easily.

The most important thing when preparing for a certification exam is to find a befitting training option and tailor it to suit yourneeds. So, choose what will work best with your schedule.

3 Effective Tips for Passing the Microsoft 70-741 Exam

  1. Utilize the Certification Guides

The Microsoft 70-741 exam study guides will help you structure your revisionto suit your training needs. Guides also highlight the key exam concepts to help improve your knowledge of the actual exam content. A platform to get the best guide for your preparation will be Exam-Labs website, where you can get it either at the price of $9,99 or in a premium package that along with the guide includes also a premium file, and a video course. Such a premium bundle for 70-740 test will cost you $24,99.

  1. UseExam Dumps

Exam Dumps are essential tools to use if you’ve set the aim to pass the test. They contain the most updated information on what is waiting for you at 70-741 exam. At Exam-Labs, a large provider of the most reliable files, you’ll find a wide collection of free exam dumps uploaded by the recent exam-takers. Practicing them unlimited times will boost your confidence at the exam, as you’ll be fully prepared for the test.

  1. Join an Effective Study Group

The role of study groups in your certification journey cannot be underrated. If you are fond of learning alongside like-minded fellows while sharing your challenges, tips, andexperiences, joining a Microsoft official study group might be an exciting prospect.


Windows Server remains one of the most important server operating systems in today’s IT sphere.And it’s not for nothing that it has found its role in several esteemed organizations, both large and small alike. If you want to target your knowledge and skills at the wider business market, MCSA Windows Server 2016 badgeis your best fit. To gain it, you need to pass three exams and 70-741 is one of them. But just remember to use the highlighted exam tips to help you pass the test easily in your first ever attempt and of course, utilize the most actual and valid exam dumps to feel yourself confident at the test.

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