Boost Your Sales with Queue-Based Lead Management Software

When considering top challenges for sales teams, lead management is up there. Sales teams need to be able to prioritize leads and get them through the sales cycle efficiently. Lead and sales tracking is also vitally important so that sales managers can use the data in real-time to make revenue-generating decisions and respond to issues before they even become a problem.

VanillaSoft offers sales tracking software that provides an easy solution to all these challenges in one tidy package. Their sales engagement platform consists of lead management and sales tracking tools that have boosted the productivity and performance of sales teams around the world.

For example, with this software, you have access to:

  • Lead and sales tracking
  • Lead routing and integration
  • Auto-dialing
  • Dynamic logical-branch scripting
  • Call recording
  • …And more.

While not magical, it definitely is powerful and worth the investment. Here’s why.

No More Cherry-Picking

Based on criteria set by managers, queue-based lead management software prioritizes the next best leads and then routes them automatically to the next available sales rep. If the call goes unanswered, the system re-routes the lead back to the queue based on the lead criteria and sales cadence specifications.

This automation ensures that sales reps don’t have to cherry-pick leads from a list, which can result in many of them never getting contacted. You’d be surprised to find out many leads actually fall through the cracks this way only to get swooped up by the competition.

Gain Valuable Insights

With a real-time view of call activity on a clear and easy-to-navigate dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly asses call metrics as well as identify trends for greater control of the sales process. You can also create custom reports to analyze lead campaigns as well as individual sales rep performance, allowing you to quickly make adjustments where necessary.

With data querying and reporting, you can leverage insights and share them with other departments like the marketing team. Communicating vital data has never been so easy because you and your team don’t have to manually input data into spreadsheets, which is timely and prone to human error.

Maximize Lead ROI

Sales teams are often drowning in data from phone calls, inbound web inquiries, purchased leads, social media followers, and more. For a salesperson, ROI is all about using this data to create actions that yield profits. With queue-based lead routing systems, you can bring focus to the sales process by ensuring that everyone is calling the best leads at the right time according to a standard cadence.

As leads get routed, there are more opportunities for conversation that create a more significant pipeline from the same number of leads.

Make the Job Easier

Selling isn’t easy, and it can often feel like the job of a salesperson is rough. However, creating a fine-tuned sales process with queue-based lead software can make selling much easier. Using this software will not only improve productivity but also ensure a smooth workflow for the entire team – which is vital if you want to separate yourself from the competition.

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