Best Places to visit in Wisconsin

Wisconsin can easily be described as the home to hundreds and tens of miles of scenic haven. The great Lakes shoreline spreads along Lake Superior as well as Lake Michigan and goes along with a picturesque mountainous setting that it filled with many state parks. As an adventure lover this place is heaven for you. For people who prefer both arts and culture- you can find a lot of activities to do in the state. To make things better for you, here are some of the best places to visit in Wisconsin:

1) Warrens

Warrens has a lot to offer to its patrons. Right from cozy hotels like the Three Bears Resort to fun eateries, Warrens is your perfect break away from the hustle bustle and chaos of the busy city life. Give a break to monotony and visit this natural haven. Take a trek to Starlight Wetlands or simply explore the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Centre for some history. For staying, we recommend the Three Bears Resort or the Microtel Inn. It is also perhaps the best representative of the simplicity of Wisconsin. As it houses many beautiful locals who embrace their culture and welcome people with open arms.

2) Madison 

The lofty State Legislative hall building appears to be a fitting spot to begin your visit to Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. The impressive rock structure is strikingly arranged between two lakes and every day guided tours are accessible. But this is not all that Madison has to offer to you! There is plenty more in terms of the local scene to explore.

3) Lake Geneva

The delightful lake-side town of Lake Geneva basically ticks all the boxes with regards to finding a pure all year trip goal in southern Wisconsin. Water sport aficionados can undertake the lovely seashores, parasailing, paddle boarding and jet skiing too. For lesser adventurous individuals, going on a voyage to enjoy the excellence of the lake is also an idea.

4) Spring Green

The town of Spring Green is situated along the banks of the Wisconsin Waterway offering guests incredible potential for outside activities in the beautiful Stream Valley. The town is most popular for housing Taliesin. This is the home of popular architect, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. He stayed here from 1911 to 1959. Today you can not only visit his house, but also the studio and theater.

But this is not all.  There are plenty of places in Wisconsin that are sure to win your heart. These include the following:

  • Green Bay
  • La Crosse
  • Kenosha
  • Eau Claire
  • Cedarburg

Wisconsin has so much to offer in terms of experience. You can enjoy the urbanization of Milwaukee, while the simplicity of little towns can excite you too. With simple properties like the Three Bears Resort tucked inside the arms of Warren, you can definitely look at these amazing places to visit in the state. Enjoy and have a great time during your trip to Wisconsin.

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