Best 6 Ways to Use Website Traffic Estimators in SEO

Estimated website traffic data is generally available in many paid and free tools. And the website traffic estimation tools help to render specific SEO insights. That brings opportunities for more than just reporting on traffic. But it can only prove to be advantageous if you know how to apply them correctly. The following are the six best ways to use website traffic estimators in SEO.

What is SEO

Expectation Setting:

Who doesn’t like to enjoy heavy traffic sources on their website? All the hard work of targeting, developing engaging content, optimizing, and messaging all goes in vain if there’s no traffic at the end. You can observe your comparable organizations and competitors with website traffic tools. That will help you with setting your expectations from your website type. You can then further dig in to look at specific content, channels, and loopholes of your site. It helps you to know your best option that will help you gain market share from other websites.


If you compare your website’s traffic with your competitors, you could find out fields where you can build your growth goals. The benchmarking report available in Google Analytics is one such tool that can help you in this. It enables you for similar industry segmentation and selection that overlays your website’s statistics with other websites. The only drawback in this process is the identity of the peers or competitors kept anonymous that generally doesn’t happen with other tools. For knowing more about those tools, contact the best SEO Consultant Perth.

Content Format and Topics:

While looking at your competitors, you can determine the trendy content topics that you should follow. Also, certain things needed to be taken care of, like granular breakdowns on technology, devices, browsers, etc. While analyzing with traffic estimator tools of comparable aspirational sites, you can determine the growth opportunities. And find out the ideal mix to attract your potential target audience. Investing in content could be costly, which is why it is crucial to know the suitable format to invest in.

Keyword Intelligence:

Search marketers already leverage several tools that indulge website traffic estimation functionality. At the same time, you invest so much of your time in creating the best content for your audience and how your competitors are performing. The best way to start is to seek the long-tail terms and top keywords that your competitors are doing well with. It is one very crucial thing to look at rankings to observe how much traffic those rankings accumulate.

Link Building Research:

Website traffic estimation tools are also a great source of link research. It might be very time-taking to exercise link building and link research. After going through all the link research your SEO tools can render, you might get an idea of many different and new opportunities. That might not have been tried by any of your competitors so far. However, never expect that one tool will show you all the available links and other sites’ link-ups. Thus, you have to broaden your research by including many tools possible as your resources.

Rectifying the Correct Channel Mix:

Observing your competitors can tell you a lot about your target audience. Remember to select the right mix of comparable or opponent sites for your observation. Also, validate if they are dealing with the same type of audience you require. You might want to know what a particular competitor is doing, like social media, SEO, etc. You get to achieve an idea of their strategies and the level of effort required for each channel. That will further help you to opt for and confirm your type of digital marketing channels and overall mix.


These are the best six procedures to use website traffic estimators in SEO. That will help you not only attract more audience at present but in future as well. Also, it will help you to have a better understanding of the market.

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