Benefits of Pre-engagement Counselling – Seek a Pre-engagement Counsellor

Relationships have become an important aspect in our life and when the right time approaches one takes a step further to strengthen their relationship with an engagement and finally the marriage. Apart from an emotional approach what makes people sure about taking their relationship to next level might require some in-depth thinking.

Pre-engagement counselling enables couples to understand the important aspects of coming together for an engagement. Before committing to such an important decision in one’s life, it is better to get counselling from a licensed professional or licensed pre-engagement counsellor in order to understand what they and their partner wants in the relationship. Pre-engagement counselling is for couples who are dating and who might be in a serious committed relationship and are interested in taking their relationship one step further into marriage or into a strong life commitment.

Benefits for Pre-engagement Counselling

Teaching couples to have a practical approach to marriage

One needs to be able to see with clear eyes about the reality of being in a marriage. Emotions and attraction bring people together in a relationship but while stepping into a marriage one needs to understand the exact expectations both parties expect from the relationship in terms of sharing responsibilities together. Pre-engagement counsellors can help couples get a clear direction about their expectations from marriage and their expectations from each other to set up a common approach to tackle problems down the road.

It is always crucial to talk about important aspects like career, children, finance, home, parents, etc. before stepping into a life-long commitment.

If both partners have a mutual agreement on their expectations from each other and their relationship, it helps in the later stages of marriage to be on the same track early on and it brings people together and sets them on a common course of happiness.

Understanding Each Other and Expectations 

We all have a different approach to everything which sometimes results in conflict. So how do you resolve a conflict in an efficient manner when two people are involved? It all starts with proper communication. Communicating your thoughts and beliefs on important aspects like starting a family together, buying a house together, and raising children are necessary. All these aspects should be discussed before two people start their beautiful journey together.

Pre-engagement counselling can help couples understand each other more and an outsider’s point of view is always helpful (even more when the outsider is a licensed therapist). Seeking counselling can help set a course in a finite direction on which couples can rely and build a strong foundation for their upcoming life together.

There are various ways to receive pre-engagement counselling like seeking counselling from parents, friends, religious bodies, or licensed professionals. Online pre-engagement counselling is a really efficient way to seek help. Leading licensed online therapy platforms such as ReGain provides you online access to a licensed relationship professional with options such as flexible hours and the mode in which you communicate with your counsellor. These online sessions can be attended from anywhere and are more convenient than face-to-face counselling sessions. If you are still unsure if you and your partner need pre-engagement counselling, read this article from ReGain.

It is always beneficial if a couple seeks counselling at an early stage of a relationship to avoid conflicts in regards to the expectations both parties have about the relationship at a later stage of life. One should be prepared in all aspects before committing to relationship and especially a life-long commitment.

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