A Look at Two Popular Lithium Ion Batteries – and how to Stay Safe Using Them

Two batteries seem to be more popular than many of the other lithium ion rechargeable batteries on the market. Those two batteries – Samsung 18650 batteries and Sony VTC3 batteries – provide customers with outstanding performance and exceptional price.

These batteries can be added to a number of different products that you probably use on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the characteristics offered by each of these two batteries.

Samsung 25R 18650

The Samsung 25R 18650 high capacity lithium ion battery is a flat top battery with 2,500 mAh and 3.7V, although it can be charged up to 4.35V. The battery is 18 mm x 65 mm in size and weighs just 48 grams. This battery includes a built-in safety functional layer as well. This battery is available to charge up a number of different products that you have in your life, including power tools and flashlights.

This battery is very powerful and is recommended for use when you need that extra battery power that won’t let you down. There are several different models available in the Samsung 18650 series giving you the opportunity to choose which is best for your needs but the Samsung 25R delivers high capacity and high power.

Sony VTC3 18650

The Sony VTC 3 battery is a 1600 mAh, 3.6 Volt battery. It offers a 2.5C pulse discharge with a 1.5A standard charging current. The battery weighs a mere 45 grams and measures 65.00mm in length and 18.00mm in diameter. The battery has an internal resistance of 12 milli-ohms. This battery, with 30A continuous discharge capability, is one of the most powerful of its kind. It is great for a variety of uses, as is the Samsung 18650 batteries.

Uses for the Sony VTC3 batteries include e-cigarettes. Staying Safe with High Powered Batteries Lithium ion rechargeable batteries are much more powerful than the traditional batteries that you use inside of the remote control or the kids’ toys. With that being said, users of either of the batteries listed above must take extra precaution in order to keep themselves safe and protected.

It doesn’t take a lot of extra trouble to stay safe while using this battery, but there are a few things important for you to keep in mind. Most of the tips are just common things that you probably know already or wouldn’t do, but it never hurts to be safe instead of sorry! A few pointers to stay safe when using Sony VTC3 or Samsung 18650 batteries:

  • Do not carry these batteries inside of your purse or pocket, and make sure that you are not carrying them around in your hand. Instead, be sure that you have a case in which the batteries can be carried. This should be a non-conductive case.
  • Do not short the battery out.
  • This battery should be used in charge mode only when someone is present. It should never be charged while unattended. In addition, it is imperative that someone monitor the battery immediately after the charging session his taken place.
  • A Battery is not a toy. It should never be given to a child to play with. Additionally, children should not be allowed to play with them at any time.


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