6 Sinful eCommerce Website Mistakes That Can Cost You a Fortune

You have a grand idea. Also, with that idea in mind you created an eCommerce website to sell your idea. You even hired the best-known website developers in town. However, just after a few months, you are still where you started. No orders! No traffic! What might be the reason?

Maybe you are making some eCommerce mistakes that are driving customers away. Perhaps these 6 sinful mistakes are driving your customers away. Don’t freak out yet. Check out these eCommerce website mistakes and start improving your sales starting from today. 

  • Stop selling the wrong product 

Without a product, you won’t have anything to sell. So, if you pick the faulty product, you will be selling or not selling to the wrong people. The biggest reason that eCommerce stores fail to deliver the desired results is that they pick the wrong product category which puts them in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Before you plan to start selling, ensure that you have a handsome amount of target market that is willing to buy your product. If you find the right category, it will be easy to move ahead. However, if you are confused about how to find the right product, here are some questions that can help you sort things out. 

  • How can you add more value to your product? 
  • Are you meeting the demands of your customers? 
  • How can you place the product in the right category? 


  • No correlation between your photo & product description

You have a fantastic product to sell online. You are sure that if the product hits the market, people will rush to buy the product. However, when you upload the product, people didn’t come. There was no traffic on the website, and even when there was traffic on the site, people were not interested in your product. 

One mistake that eCommerce website owners make is that they have descriptions that don’t relate to the product or product images that have nothing familiar with the actual product. Don’t do that to your customers. Even if you have developed your website from a proficient New York web design agency or you have developed on your own, you will require a detailed product description along with a professional photo of the product. Does your website look good on mobile? If not, you must do something about it. 

Visuals create first impressions. Next, people will look for persuasive content. There is no room for poor quality photos nor poor English. 

Take product photos that define your product as it is. Not just that, use high-resolution images without any glitches so that it can attract customers naturally. 

  • Avoid a lousy eCommerce store design 

You have taken care of the design, and the content now comes the most challenging part – the overall design of the website. Often a lousy website can leave a wrong impression on the end-user. With less than 8 seconds to make a good impression, you only have a few seconds before a customer leaves your website. 

In eCommerce, website design is a broader term. The phrase covers everything from the color, font, website interface, and the visual appeal of the website. 

Start with an existing visual appealing and fully-functional website. Elements like testimonials and 24-hour customer service will add credibility to your store. With easy navigation, you’ll be able to steal the hearts and minds of your users. 

  • Don’t Waste Customer’s time 

Time is money, and if you steal it from the customer, they will never trust you again. Is your website smooth enough that customers can browse and place orders without getting stuck? If the site is not performing well this might be an excellent place to start your investigation. 

A slow website will drive away customers as soon as they enter your website.  Everyone is busy, even if they are presenting to be. This means that you should create a website that is seamless and saves time for your users. 

To begin with, ensure that the checkout process is easy, and customers don’t have to think twice before placing an order on your website. Be transparent. Avoid extra shipping charges and try to minimize the information that you take from the customer if they are purchasing as a guest. 

  • Align your pricing with your marketing 

Often to get ahead of their competition, brands use pricing tactics that can push them into a deep well. Don’t make promises you cannot keep! If you are offering low-pricing in a marketing campaign, ensure that when the customer lands on that particular page, they get the same pricing as mentioned in the ad. 

Manage your pricing by the expectation of your customers. Ensure that you are offering competitive pricing and don’t leave the impression that you are offering a fake pricing model. Most of the eCommerce store owners make this mistake of charging extra in the form of shipping, which is a grand mistake. 

  • Is there a clear privacy policy? 

Google is now strict about the privacy policy, and it is essential for the eCommerce store owners to write a privacy policy even if there are few points in it. Be as transparent as you can and ensure that everything is written down to the core. 

For every category, there is a different privacy policy, ensure that you mention everything on that page. Don’t let the customer play around finding the privacy policy for the product. 

Maybe you are not making all of these mistakes. However, even making one such mistake can cost you a fortune. So, it is better advised to avoid the errors mentioned above at all costs.

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