5 Ways that technology has helped secure sensitive information

People always value their privacy. No one wants to get their private information stolen.

Many already know that there are basic things anyone can do to ensure that they will not get important information stolen from them. You should not post any highly confidential data on the Internet, whether about your private life and of course about your work. The same goes for sending sensitive information through email. Another thing is that you should not open any attached file from emails where you cannot really verify the source. More often than not, these are malware sent by hackers who want to access your information.

The problem is that with the advancement of technology nowadays, it has become easier for criminals to hack and steal sensitive information. But the good news is that with the advancement of technology, many new ways to protect data and sensitive information have also been discovered.

  1. Data encryption – the truth is that cryptography has been in use since two thousand years ago in the time of Caesar. Whether you want to keep private personal files or some sensitive information about work, data encryption is an effective way of doing so. No one will be able to decrypt the ciphertext without the password, so your data will be protected.
  2. Backups – aside from doing data encryption, it’s also important to backup all your data. Many have opted to have more than one backup for their important files. What’s great is that with the advancement of technology now, you can save massive amounts of data in a hard drive. Years ago, you could only have 2 or at most 8 GB of hard drive space. Now there are thumb drives that can store up to 2TB worth of data.
  3. Hardware-based security –  this is great for those that are not completely assured of the protection provided by software-based security.  These devices require physical access to the data, making it more difficult to steal information.
  4. Cloud – more and more people have taken to storing and accessing their data and personal information through the Internet instead of a hard drive. Because of that, more security measures are now being invented to ensure that these data will be well-secured.
  5. Malware protection – one of the most worrisome things with malware is that hackers can gain access to your personal data if your device does not have adequate protection. It’s a good thing that there is an anti-virus software being introduced to the market to answer that need.

If you are a PC user, one of the best things you can do is purchase software for your computer.

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