5 Tips on Building a Gaming Set-up if You Have Limited Space

For some, playing video games is a way to relieve stress, explore new worlds, and learn new lore. For others, it’s a way to connect with fellow gamers, sharing tips and tricks on how to navigate hard-to-reach areas, unlocking hidden treasure and plot-lines, defeating the most notorious bosses, and gaining sweet trophies of victory.

Whether video games are just a pastime or a side hustle, every gamer needs a set-up that suits their preferences, personality, and the space that they live in. Here are tips on how you can build a gaming set-up when you have limited space.

Mount Your Console

Maximizing wall space is helpful in your small bedroom, studio apartment like apartments for rent in rancho cucamonga ca , or condominium. Use brackets to securely hold your PS4, Xbox, or Switch on the wall. Mounting your consoles will not only clear up space on your desk, but it will also allow proper ventilation for your consoles, preventing overheating and damage. Likewise, placing your consoles on your wall also adds a bit of decor in your bedroom or gaming space.

Use a TV Monitor

If you also want to make room for your PC games, use a TV monitor as your gaming screen. If you have the budget, consider getting a TV screen that has 4k resolution for that optimal gaming experience and visual therapy. There are also TV monitors that are smaller and more affordable than typical gaming monitors so you can have options that fit your desk.

Having one TV screen for your gaming platforms instead of a separate screen for your PC and for your consoles will help you save money to buy more games, as well as maximize space when setting-up your gaming haven.

Use a Desk with Built-in Shelves

Sometimes, using wall space might not be viable especially if your floating shelves are already filled with books and other trinkets. Opt for a desk with shelves where you can store your games, controllers, headphones, and other gaming accessories. These kinds of desks are also compact so they will fit nicely into your studio unit. Condominiums such as Grass Residences have taken care to plan the layout for each unit, so all you have to do is make sure your shelving location complements your space.

Other than being compact, desks with built-in shelves and drawers are durable and easy to assemble. They also allow you to be creative in organizing your gaming set-up and in keeping cords and cables out of the way.

Set Up Under Your Bed

You have probably seen the famous “bed on the top bunk, gaming nook at bottom bunk” set up on the Internet. This is perfect if you live in a studio unit or if you have a small bedroom. You don’t necessarily have to use a double-deck bed to achieve this set-up. Like floating shelves, utilize your wall to mount panels that will hold your sleeping area. Use pillars on the corners that will hold your “bed” up and make it sturdier. Make sure that the space below your bed will be enough to hold all your gaming equipment, your desk, and your gaming chair.

Keep in mind that in this kind of set-up, your room should have proper ventilation and lighting to avoid getting choked with the heat and struggling with poor lighting when playing.

Dangle Cords and Headphones

Just like mounting your consoles on the wall and using floating shelves to organize your games and other trinkets, use pegboards or wire grids to hold items such as your headphones, cables, and extension cords. Utilizing vertical storage will not only keep your gaming-slash-work desk clear of a tangled mess, but it will also keep you from tripping on these. It is also easier to find things you need when you see them stored upright on your wall.

You don’t need to have a sprawling room or home to achieve your dream gaming nook. With a little organizing and renovating here and there, you can build the ultimate gaming set-up that provides the best gaming experience for you.

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