5 Good ways to boost your content readership

Ever worried about boosting your content readership? Well if yes, then here is how you can…

1. Invite your real-life friends.

This is the easiest way to get started or to improve your content. Quality content is likely to be more read than a bad one. Transfer you offline relations into online to get used to online. Inviting people you know in real life helps you to get a feedback so you could boost the quality of your blog, page or whatever you are doing, you can also improve statements of work for your article writer.

2. Signatures.

Put the link to your blog into the email signature. Notice, if you do it manually it will be not very good. To avoid some “ugly” signatures use specific soft like WiseStamp, that will make a nice signature for you. It works with most of the big providers. If you’re interested in this you should also google for an email marketing signature to get more detailed information.

3. Write for your readers.

If you already have a small audience, try to write for them. People you talk to often ask questions. If you get a question from your reader, make a post for him/her. Firstly, people are pleased when you pay attention to them. After that, you can send a person an individual letter like “You inspired me to write.” or something like that. Secondly, if someone asks you question it is possible that another person has the same question. Answering questions from your readers you will find new ones.

4. Headings and keywords.

Well, as you decided to write online you need to pay attention to the two important things above. David Ogilvy believed that the headline is 80 cents of your dollar. It means that more than 75% of your success lies in a proper headline. It doesn’t mean that you should forget about content, but in the world where people have an enormous amount of blogs to read, headlines are the first thing they are looking at.

Another useful thing is keywords. Search engines work by specific algorithms. So if you start using keywords in your blog it is more likely that search engines will show your page earlier than others. If you have ever heard about SEO techniques, I was talking about exactly the same.

5. Go for comments.

Encourage people to leave comments. Every blog has its own atmosphere. If you want your blog to look alive than you need comments. Comments are where real discussions happen. People like to take part in discussions as well as they like to express their own opinions. So, having interesting discussions frequently will make other people to join and to stay on your blog.

How to get more comments? There two ways to do that. You can end your post with some provocative conclusions or questions. Provocation is the riskiest option because it can increase your blog’s readership as well as decrease. Unless you have a great sense of tact and are good at sophistry, you shouldn’t try that. Questions are much safer. A good question can cause a great discussion if it asked in a proper way. Don’t finish with rhetorical questions.

Another way is to get a comment buddy. Starting bloggers usually help each other with such things. Someone leave a comment to you and then you will leave a comment to someone.

If you are going to make a blog for a living, then you should better to become acquainted with some specific literature. There are a lot of good books about marketing, advertising, SEO techniques and writing tricks. In another way, all above things would be enough for your beginning.

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