5 Global Food Supply Chains

The daily food that you consume is an outcome of the global food chain. Without the global food chain, people around the world would starve, not all countries have access to fertile ground and are heavily reliant on neighboring countries for food supply.

Many companies are directly and indirectly associated with the global food supply chain. Today we are going to the top five global food supply chains. So, without further ado let’s get to know about these firms:

  1. Unilever Group. When it comes to a global brand, Unilever’s name tops so many supply chains. Unilever has a significance in the food industry as well. To name a few brands that Unilever introduced to ensure top-tier quality food to its global consumers- Cornetto, Knorr, Magnum, Lipton, Heartbrand. These brands produce, food, beverage, and dairy products that we consume on a regular basis. Unilever maintains transparency in its global food supply chain and trying its best to enhance its reach to a greater extent. 
  2. PepsiCo Inc. PepsiCo Inc is one of the largest companies in the food industry. You may recall the brand from its much-hyped beverages like Pepsi, Sprite, Gatorade, and Mountain Dew. Did you know that multiple PepsiCo brands for food products are doing great in the market? These are global products such as- Doritos, Quaker, Tostitos, and so on. The brand over time started pushing for selling healthier food to its consumers. At least that’s what they aimed for. PepsiCo Inc extended its global reach in the food industry with quality products in order to beat the competitors. In some places, PepsiCo is in a better position than most of its competitors.
  3. Coca-Cola Co. What comes to your mind when you hear the brand’s name? A bottle of coke, right?  Coca-cola has established its product Coca-cola so well in our minds. A lot of us resonate with the brand with this particular product but the brand produces more products and sells them globally. Coca-cola co is the world’s one of the most prestigious and valuable brands of all time. They have acknowledged gender inequality in their supply chain and solved the issue by supporting women’s empowerment through its global production.
  4. Kellogg Co. Kellogg is the only brand that sells most of the cereals to the entire world. Their cereals are not the only products they sell. Pringles chips are one of the most popular chips in the world. Kellogg sells the world’s top-tier food products globally. While selling the best sellers in the food industry, Kellogg additionally started to omit greenhouse gas emissions from its supply chain. 
  5. Nestle SA. Nestle is the world’s one of the top global food brands out there selling millions of products. Their supply chain is renowned for the transparency they maintain. In addition, the water use in their supply chain is commendable.

These brands are acing their supply chains for maintaining different tactics by using different and relevant logistics software. Running a global brand can be hard but it will run well if their supply chain is smartly managed. 

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