4 Most Common Smartphone Repairs

Some people agree that they can’t survive a day without using their smartphones. It could be deemed as an extended part of the human body, considering how some people are on these gadgets almost 24/7. There’s no doubt that these handy tech tools come with so many uses and functions, making it understandable why it’s hard to live without them. However, just like any appliance and gadget, they’re not susceptible to damage.

There will come a time when your smartphone will need to be repaired. Accidents could happen, your phones can fall severely on concrete floors, cameras malfunction, batteries die, and so many other issues could happen anytime. Since everyone needs these mobile machines to function smoothly every day, it’s essential to have them checked and repaired by reputable repairers like sydneymobilephonerepairs.com.au and others.

It’s essential not to take any damage for granted, so be familiar with some of the most common smartphone repairs mentioned below:

  1. Damaged Or Cracked Phone Screen

Many people could relate to experiencing this smartphone issue at least once in their lives. Different instances or situations usually cause a cracked or damaged screen. It could be from a hard fall to the floor, a heavy weight pressed into the screen, accidentally sitting on the phone, or combining the phone in a bag full of sharp objects like keys. 

Damaged Or Cracked Phone Screen

It could be heartbreaking to see that your screen has cracked or isn’t working anymore. The best solution to this predicament is to act fast and have it checked by a professional repairer. First, check if your warranty or insurance might cover your phone screen. Many manufacturers provide warranties that cover screen damage.

A phone screen that has been damaged is most likely to need repair or replacement from a reliable repair center, preferably authorized by your brand. This tip is essential to ensure that you’re getting the same quality and legit spare parts as there are many repair establishments using knock-off spare items.

  1. Battery Issues

Another common issue is the batteries of a smartphone. As battery degradation occurs slowly, you may not realize it as it happens. Thus, your device, which could once go the entire day without a charge, now feels as though it must live tethered to a power source. However, it’s worth noting that the degradation of batteries with age is expected. This happens when you have a gaming-compatible mobile that you always use for playing games. The battery capacity of devices left at almost too empty or too full to charge for extended periods will decrease faster.

Depending on your smartphone model, some batteries are pretty tricky to tackle. Some are internal and can only be accessed when the entire phone is opened up. Even manufacturers sell the battery terminals directly to the motherboard, making repairs at home virtually impossible. This means that swapping out a dead battery is no longer an easy DIY project but rather needs special tools, experience, and a steady hand to be done correctly.

Common Smartphone Repairs

Thankfully, there are many reputable smartphone repair shops you can find that can do this task at a reasonable service fee. It could take them a few minutes to an hour to get your batteries replaced. Considering how much you use your smartphone every day, you should invest in the battery repair fee to ensure that they won’t drain energy despite using it just a few hours every day. You should probably get a new battery unless you’re already planning on upgrading your phone.

  1. Water Damage

The innovations of most smartphones today allow them to become water-resistant or waterproof. However, if your phone has already aged, you may run into water problems, even if it’s water-resistant. There’s a risk of cell phone damage caused by water because you don’t know what kind of damage you’re dealing with until you open the phone up and run diagnostics.

It’s a good idea to seek professional assistance if your device has been submerged in water. There’s a chance that the water inside your phone can cause more severe problems in the future, even if it’s only causing minor issues right now.

  1. Phone-Charging Issues

Some people are also familiar with this next issue. Even when you insert the port for charging, your phone simply won’t charge. It might be necessary to replace or adjust the charging port connections if you can’t fix this on your own. You’ll need to check whether the problem could be the charger or your device. Once all the chargers can work on some other phones, your device should be the culprit.

When your smartphone stops charging, it could be a faulty charging port, lightning port, or USB port. You can wear out your charger’s port over time, just like most plugs. Some phones are more likely to be damaged than others, but all phone ports can wear out after a while. You can easily have this issue fixed by a smartphone repairman with just a fraction of the cost.


There’s a smartphone repair for almost any problem consumers may encounter, from replacing a screen to fixing a broken charging port. Hopefully, you won’t need these repairs at all if you care about your phone correctly. There are ways to keep your smartphone from dying on you. Even if the worst happens to your phone, most sections can be fixed or at least recovered so you can keep connected to whatever is essential to you.

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