4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

More and more restaurant owners are turning to employee scheduling software, and there are multiple good reasons why — these cloud-based apps do a lot more than creating excellent work schedules quickly!

Let’s look at the other benefits of this software aside from its ability to make great schedules quickly, to get an idea of why it’s becoming so popular.

Improves Communications and Planning

One of the important benefits of utilizing employee scheduling software is streamlined communication for employees. Staff stay connected in a way that’s comfortable and convenient for them — employees receive a notification on their phone the instant a new shift is posted, or when changes are made to the old one, so they know their work schedule right away and can plan their lives accordingly.

This quick and efficient communications tool has other important applications. For example, if a manager needs to find someone to cover a shift on late notice, they can simply post a request on the app, which employees receive and respond to on their phone. This software doesn’t only create schedules; its communication tools keep the restaurant functioning when life throws the schedule a curveball.

Clarifies Costing

Employee scheduling software makes it incredibly easy to know what your daily and monthly labour costs are. You’ll know when staff are approaching overtime pay, which makes it easy to control costs and comply with labour laws.

Looking at the dashboard is all managers need to do to see projected sales totals, actual sales totals, labour costs, and other vital economic statistics.

Work Logs

Employee scheduling software makes it easy for managers across locations to keep in-sync. You can message your managers in one place, too. Managers can keep notes, important shift details, and follow-up tasks altogether. Because it’s cloud-based and on their phone, these notes can’t get lost, and everybody will always have access to them.

There’s a default setting that lets you track general things that are important to most restaurants, such as total sales, labour costs, and even weather (which is important if your restaurant has a patio, or if storms or sunshine strongly impact sales).

You can also customize it to track the particular needs of your restaurant. Staff can even leave feedback after each shift, which the app aggregates to tell managers in real time how their eyes on the ground feel about how the restaurant is working.

Leave Requests

Employee scheduling software makes it easy for staff to submit requests for days off. They can be applied for and approved remotely, meaning both the staff and the manager can confirm their schedules earlier and easier. Your staff will love this feature because it makes them feel like their time outside of work is valued.

The digital landscape is so busy now that having a single app which is easy to use and meets all your needs is a welcome tool. Employee scheduling software simplifies life for everyone working at the restaurant, and that’s the real reason why it’s so popular.

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