3 Ways to Stream Your Favorite Shows and Movies on Your Mobile Device

With new ways to stream media all over the internet, there has become a demand for mobile streaming as people like to bring their favorite movies and shows with them wherever they go. The device you use will change your streaming experience, whether it be for movies or gaming.

Tech nerds and specialists offer certain devices and items for specific uses, and though there are devices that are compatible with all types of streaming, make sure to choose one that you know has good resolution and speed.  Having such as a service like streaming apps have allowed consumers to have access to the media they want. There are many streaming options to choose from and how easy it can be to find the movies and shows you love the most.

1.Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu

Certain media outlets like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu all have different content that is significant to their viewers. For example, Hulu is specially made and used by those who enjoy keeping up with their favorite cable television shows like, various cartoons, reality shows, and Hulu originals. Take time to research what kind of media entertainment app you think fits your taste.

While some services offer subscriptions, some offer one-time rentals or purchase options, others offer both. You can get the best of both worlds with services like Amazon Prime because they allow you to choose if you would like to get a monthly subscription or you can rent and buy movies from their large selection.

Netflix is a rather popular streaming service as they provide new original content that holds up a standard users appreciate. And is used by over 50 million people over 40 countries. Netflix stands out due to its commercial-less stream and unlimited materials and often used as a binge-watcher’s haven.

Other downloadable streaming apps:

  • Playstation Vue
  • Twitch
  • HBO Now
  • Movies Anywhere
  • Youtube TV

2.APK applications

Some may thing streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu are limiting and result to downloading an Android Package Kit (or APK) for other streaming apps that may be less popular, but offer a wider range of media. If you have an android device, you’ve most likely seen something or heard something about APKs, which are often used to access apps not available in your app store.

Be cautious when choosing an app to download. APKs allow you to download stolen and pirated apps and you do not want to download anything illegal. The process to downloading an APKvaries on your streaming device.

3.Your cable service

Most cable TV providers have their own apps that users can stream their favorite shows and download from their selection of movies. Many people who pay for cable TV should utilize their services by downloading cable apps like DirecTv Now, Xfinity or Sling. These services are offered individually as well if you don’t feel you need to pay for over 100 channels and would like to stream what you want without waiting for it to come on or without experiencing as many commercials.

Take into consideration when choosing to use this so you choose the right service that meets your needs. Sometimes these streaming services won’t have things like some sports channels, movie channels, or news channels. Prioritizing what you appreciate the most will help you decide on what streaming service you want.

Benefits and Warnings

Having your favorite shows and movies ready for your viewing in the palm of your hand can save you from boredom at any moment or keep you up to date with the latest media. There are many things that come into play when using a streaming app on your mobile device that determines your viewing experience. Resolutions and cellular connection are factors that your app takes into account when playing a selected video to heighten that streaming experience.

Mobile streaming should only be a last result or if you’re unable to stream on any other devices. Not only will streaming on your phone run up your gigabytes but take up storage on your phone that in the end will slow your device down drastically. Also, Be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too much media and create a bad habit of binge-watching as it can be unhealthy for your brain. Take some time to yourself without your mobile device and come back feeling refreshed.

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