3 Things to look for when hiring a new employee

Choosing the right person to run your business is a very important aspect that you should never underestimate. Whether it is a small or big business, manpower is a foundation towards the greatness of your business. Your success is also at the hands of your employees and if you choose the wrong person to hold your success then you might as well throw your success away.

A lot of methods have been coming out on the internet but most of them never work. Most of the time, it solely relies on the employer’s intuition when it comes to choosing the right person to hire. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot check for signs of whether that person is fit to run your business. Aside from good credentials, you should also check the person’s personality, his reason for wanting to work for you and his ability to make quick decisions without asking for your help. We came up with three things that you should check when it comes to hiring new personnel. This might help you a lot, especially when you are starting your own business.

  1. He has the same vision as you

We know that looking for a person that has the same motivation and passion for your business is hard to find. Most people are in it for the money, but that does not mean they cannot be passionate about their job. Always ask them the standard question “Why do you want to work here?” They may come up with some answers to please you but check those that respect your business and want to do good for your company. If he believes in your business ideology then he can be a good candidate for your business. Also, you should check those people that have a long-term plan because they can be very productive when they are goal-oriented. Remember that your business is not just a stepping stone for other people. You must choose those people who are loyal and those you think can reciprocate your goodwill.

  1.    They can be a team player

Working in a group is very common in all workplaces. Your employees must be harmonious with each other in order to have that competitive edge. It is very easy to spot a team player. Ask them how they feel about working in a group and if they have experience leading a group before. Usually, team players are those persons that love to talk and are easy to talk to. They are not bothered by opening up to other people. Remember that business is not about isolation but it is about interacting with the customers and people around you. Although there are those people who are special cases. They are quiet, reserved and love to work alone. They may be a good help because they can give 100 percent concentration on their work and also when they are put in a group they can perform the task they are assigned to do.

  1.    Proficient with Microsoft Office to complete Task

We have come to the age where everything is digital. That is why learning how to use Microsoft Office is very important. This is a must now, whether you are hiring a person or looking for a job. Most offices and companies use Microsoft Office for Business to assist in their work and make it easier for their employees. By hiring a person that is literate in Microsoft Office, you are already choosing a person that is fit for an office job and will save you time and money instead of training them.

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