3 Reasons PDFs Are Better Than Word Files When Sharing

Many people are troubled by the fact that they cannot keep their document formatting in place across computers. The Word documents they create might be messed up on their recipients’ devices. For instance, a student might create a Word file as a project. There’s no guarantee that the project would remain the same on the teacher’s computer.

This problem is pretty easy to solve! You should start paying attention to the format of your files. Did you know that converting your documents to the Portable Document Format (PDF) will ensure the preservation of document formatting? Moreover, this format has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Here’s more about PDFs and how to do the file conversion.

Convert Word to PDF with GogoPDF

The web contains many excellent tools that can convert your files. These Word to PDF converters may be paid or free tools, but what really matters is that you can do the file conversion successfully. We recommend using GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter in this regard. Not only is it free, but it is also extremely easy to use.

How to Convert Convert Word to PDF Tutorial

This converter is an online web service that performs efficient Word to PDF conversion. Moreover, it has a friendly user interface that allows all kinds of people to use their services. Go online now and visit its website.

Expect a seamless conversion experience with GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter.

Here’s how.

  1. Once you’re on the website, select and upload the Word document from your storage.
  2. The converter will process your file automatically.
  3. Wait for a moment.
  4. Download your newly converted PDF file.

Superb cloud technology

Converting Word to PDF should be this easy. You don’t necessarily have to install software applications to accomplish the same goal. All the processes of this tool occur on the cloud, so there’s no need for software installation. This way, you can convert on the go, and even when you’re in a rush for a deadline.

Excellent security

If you’ve got some reservations regarding security, you are worrying about nothing. GogoPDF’s boasts tight safety because it employs the standard encryption techniques on the web. Moreover, you can rest assured that every file you upload will be used only for the sake of file conversion and nothing else. They would be deleted an hour after your use.

PDFs preserve document formatting

PDFs ultimately act as images of your documents when looking at their functionality. They would appear as though you have printed physical copies of them already. Such a case, of course, results in the identical appearance of the file on all devices. There wouldn’t be any difference at all.

Consequently, PDFs become more challenging to edit. Expect that you might have to install software applications (that might come for a fee) just to modify your PDF files. Nonetheless, this situation is also a kind of assurance that no other person can casually edit your file, which might render some errors in the information.

Version independence of PDF files

Did you know that your Word documents get modified because of the software used and software version differences? Yes, that is the case indeed. If you have encountered a situation where your word processor opened your Word file in “compatibility mode,” then you might have noticed the differences between the current file from the original one.

Meanwhile, PDF files would remain absolutely the same regardless of how outdated or up-to-date your PDF reader is. Expect that no changes will be made even if you were to use your web browser to view your file instead of another PDF reader utility. This makes it better because your recipient does not have to install any software just to view your document.

Convenient PDF file sharing

A fact you might find really useful is that PDFs have great shareability. It is no secret that emails and messages can only handle so much and have file size limits. This situation has stumped many people because they are strapped for ways to transfer their files over the Internet. This one is no problem at all for PDF files.

It turns out that you can compress your PDFs to effectively reduce their file sizes. Together with the right tool at hand, you can ensure that your documents won’t degrade in quality even after you compress them. After doing so, you can now attach them to your emails and messages without any hindrances. There is also no need to worry about file corruption midway upload.


There’s got to be a roundabout way for every problem. A solution to make your file sharing more manageable is to use PDF files instead of Word documents. They would be much easier to share for their small sizes and also ensure document formatting retention. You can visit GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter today!

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