Posted on Mar 17 2017 - 8:24pm by Anurag Kumar

Sony has recently filed a patent at US Patent and Trademark Office, regarding “Configuration of Data and Power Transfer in Near Field Communications” which may allow wireless phone-to-phone charging and data sharing.

Patent application number US 20170064283 based on the research done by James Richard Milne, True Xiong, and Charles McCoy states a method for wirelessly transferring data and power between consumer electronic (CE) devices.

Wireless phone-to-phone charging technology

It is not clearly mentioned for the time being how the technology will work. For the time being Sony has enabled NFC technology in many Sony Xperia smartphones which is mainly used for data sharing and pairing devices like portable speakers, smartphones, etc.

As per the patent, the consumer electronic (CE) device will house an antenna system. It will atleast have two antenna, one for transferring power wirelessly and the other one for the data transfer.

As in case of Wi-Fi hotpost, we search for available netwoks for data trasnfer, this antenna system will search for wirless power transfer to pair with another compatible device.

If this technology in future is enabled in the Xperia smartphones then it will be seen as a new method of charging batteries, however the concern for harmful radition being released remains.

What do you thinks guys? Would you like to see such a technology in your smartphone? Let us know, drop your comments below.

Source –  WhatAFutureUS Patent & Trademark Office | Via – Gizmodo

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