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  • Ports Access
  • Light Weight
  • Material Used - PU
  • Smart Window Functions
  • Durable
  • Dust Prone

Sony SCR42 Style Cover Window case is especially made for Xperia Z5. Sony came up with style cover window case for the first time with Xperia Z3 when they launched Sony SCR24 case. Sony SCR42 Style Cover is enabled with Smart Window functions which allow you to download certain apps and widgets which can be accessed from the lock screen of the device through smart window of the case.

Sony SCR42 Style Cover Window case uses NFC as the connectivity option to pair with Xperia Z5 along with a dedicated Xperia theme for your device which goes with the color of the device. Sony SCR42 Style Cover Case is available for $45.99 from Mobile Fun UK.

[ REVIEW ] Sony SCR42 Style Cover Window case

Let’s take a look at the Sony SCR42 Style Cover Window case. Sony SCR42 case out of the box.

Sony SCR42 out of the box

Sony SCR42 Back Side

Box Contents

  • 1 Sony SCR42 case.
  • 1 Sony DK52 Magnetic Charging dock adapter.
  • Manual.

Blow you can see the broad size Sony DK52 adapter.

Sony DK52 Adapter


Weight 37 grams
Height 74.7 mm
Width 11.55 mm
Length 148.9 mm
Smart Window Yes, 60×60 mm in size.
In built NFC tag Yes
Material PU Leather
Colors White, Black, Gold, Green
Magnetic Closure NO
Water resistant IPX5/8*
Scratch-resistant 3H

How to Pair ?

To pair it with your Xperia Z5, activate NFC on your device and then bring it near the NFC tag on the case. It will prompt you to download the various smart windows widgets and apps which can be accessed from smart window without opening the cover.

You can also download the Sony’s official SCR42 case Xperia Themes available on Play Store.

Smart Window functions

You can perform following things from smart window of the case.

  • Access to Sony Camera app ( in 4:3 ratio you can take pictures ).
  • Access to answer/end call.
  • Access to Sony’s Weather Widget app.
  • Access Sony Walkman app.
  • Access to Sony Clock and Alarm app.
  • Access to Sony’s email app.

As you can see in the below pic, you can access SIM card and SD card slot very well without removing the cover.

Xperia Z5 Sony SCR42

Our Xperia Z5 fell down with Sony SCR42 cover on and you can see the dent mark on the case, though the phone was protected fully (case is not shock proof although).

Sony SCR42 Shock Proof - NO

Sony SCR42 Bumper joints

As soon as the flap of the case is closed you will see the smart window appearing.

Sony SCR42 Smart Window function

Back side of the case is tough enough with wide opening for camera opening.

Sony SCR42 Camera Opening

By using the Sony DK52 adapter you can use it with DK52 charing dock without removing the cover (though you need to press it hard to get it charged, as USB charing pins might not get into the port).

Sony SCR42 with DK52 Charing Dock

If you remove the flap of case then it charges easily.

Sony SCR42 with DK52 charing dock

Dust Prone?

Yes, the gold color case (front flap) definitely gets dirty after a few days of usage only (same you can expect with the white color case) and now the case looks bad.


  • Light Weight.
  • Smooth finished material.
  • All ports accessible without opening cover.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Compatible with Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK52.
  • Smart Rotation function enabled.
  • Magnetic sensor inside the case.
  • Smart Window widgets and app provided access to camera, calls etc.
  • In built NFC tag.


  • Can’t be used as desk stand case.
  • No Magnetic closure.
  • Inner material of front flap attracts dust.
  • Shock Proof – No
  • No real leather used, synthetic material used.
  • Gold and white color case gets very dirty after a few days of usage.
  • Texting becomes difficult with case on.

Sony SCR42 Style Cover Window case is available now in all 4 colors from Mobile Fun UK, shipping world wide. So far we have used Sony SCR10, SCR24 for Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 respectively and found these official cases very useful and worthy. Though it is well known that these cases will not protect your device from a hard fall as they don’t have very tough built.

With smart window functions, Sony has done a pretty descent job with Sony SCR42 case. If you have been using one, do let us know about your views on it. Drop your comments below.

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