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Are you familiar with your teen online activities? Do you know what content they publish? Who do they connect with? What apps do they use on their Android smartphones?

If you know the answers to these questions, then great, but if you don’t; you can. Let me tell you how but before that, understand what is the cyber-world all about.

The Cyber-World

Cyber-world as many of you already know is the wired world that connects everybody. The world has its own perks and perils. The perks are the enlightenments, knowledge-base, easy communication and so on whereas the perils are the unrestricted distribution of content, limited privacy, and zero verification. In short, cyber world has everything for everybody and the problem starts when our kids neglect their age and start experimenting on their own. They browse inappropriate sites and become friends with stranger-danger online; all through their smartphones. You can never be sure of their security online as most of the times, they see the content accidently.

To ensure their safety, you as a parent have to monitor what they do with their phones and what content they come across. Monitoring teens’ devices may seem to be a tough job,s but it really isn’t if you have the parental controls for Android installed.

How can parental Controls help?

Parental Controls are the gateways to monitor your teens’ device use. One digital parenting tool gaining popularity among parents is FamilyTime. You can use this app to monitor your teens’ online activities. But, in order for this app to work effectively, you need the consent of your teen.

FamilyTime - Parental Control App Review

If your teen is using the Android smart phone, download this parental control app now from your app store or from the button below:   Download Xperia FIFA theme from Play Store

FamilyTime - Parental Control Review   Download FamilyTime - Parental Control

In this case FamilyTime lets you:

  • Monitor your teens’ web-history, favorites and bookmarks.
  • Check the list of apps installed on their phone or tablet.
  • Track their app usage frequency; to check how much time they spend on each app.
  • Blacklist questionable apps.
  • Remotely lock their phone.

This is not all. The app offers many other interesting features for location tracking, Geo-fencing places, Watchlisting contacts, sending and receiving alerts and much more.

Monitor To Be Your Teens’ Mentor

Teens use the internet mostly through their smart phones or tablets these days. So now, you don’t have to use multiple tools, use one parental control app for Android and monitor your teens’ online and offline life.

Monitoring can help you become the best mentor for your Teen. Happy Parenting!

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