Posted on Jun 25 2015 - 3:47pm by Anurag Kumar

Sony recently announced Xperia Z4v for Verizon Wireless in USA and just after the launch we have been getting so many requests to upload the Xperia Z4v wallpaper which was shown on homescreen in the official pics, unfortunately it is still not available yet.

A few days back we shared two exclusive wallpapers from Xperia A and now 8 wallpapers inspired from the Xperia Z4v are available for download.

Unofficial Xperia Z4v inspired wallpapers

Remember they are not the official Xperia Z4v wallpapers, just inspired from them.

Download the pack of 8 wallpapers from here (resolution 1080×1920). They would look good on lockscreen.

To download an individual wallpaper, save as a regular image from the ones posted below.

Xperia Z4v Blue Wallpaper
Xperia Z4v Green wallpaper
Xperia Z4v Grey wallpaper
Xperia Z4v Orange-Browned wallpaper
Xperia Z4v Pink wallpaper
Xperia Z4v Purple wallpaper
Xperia Z4v Red wallpaper
Xperia Z4v teal wallpaper

Download Xperia A official wallpapers from here.

Download Xperia Z4v inspired themes from here.

Check out the full range of Xperia Wallpapers here.

Like the wallpapers, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Wallpapers by abo hani (XDA)

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