Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 10:44pm by Anurag Kumar

Sony recently put its Album app on Play Store (7.0.A.0.26 version moving it from older 7.0.A.0.24 version) and today Sony Walkman app is put on Play Store in the form of Xperia Music 5.0.A.0.10 app. Sony has released beta testing version of the Album app (most recent was 7.1.A.0.12 version) but today another update came.

Sony Album 7.1.A.0.16 app is now available for download to all beta testing user from Play Store itself. Sony Album 7.1 version brings support for 4K output over MHL. Now you can see your PlayMemories online quota (storage consumption) and ability to choose which menu items appearing in the navigation pane.

Sony Album 7.1.A.0.12 app

Download Album 7.1.A.0.16 apk from below link. Install normally on your handset.


Album 7.1.A.0.16 apk

Download Sony Album 7.1.A.0.12 apk

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via – XDA (by devilmaycry2020)

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