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Sony SCR24 Style Cover is Sony’s first Window case exclusively launched for Xperia Z3. SCR24 Style Cover is enabled with Smart Window functions which allow you to download certain apps and widgets which can be accessed from the lock screen of the device through smart window of the case.

One touch pairing option is available via in built NFC tag in the case. Smart Window option make its easy to handle device’s some important feature without opening the case. Sony SCR24 Style Cover Case is available for £34.99 / $54.5 from Clove UK.

[ First Look ] Sony SCR24 Style Cover Window case

Let’s take a look at Sony SCR24 Style Cover Window case for Xperia Z3. Below you can see the outer cover of the box.

Sony SCR24 case cover box

At back side of cover, smart window function list is displayed.

Sony SCR24 case box

SCR24 case out of the box.

Sony SCR24 Xperia Z3 Case

Box Contents

  • 1 Sony SCR24 case.
  • 1 Sony DK48 Magnetic Charging dock adapter.
  • Manual.

Sony SCR24 case box contents

Blow you can see the broad size Sony DK48 adapter.

Xperia Z3 DK48 Charging Adaptor


Sony SCR24 case for Xperia Z3

Weight 46 grams
Height 7.6 cm
Width 1.1 cm
Length 14.7 cm
Smart Window Yes, 60×60 mm in size.
In built NFC tag Yes
Material PU Leather
Colors White, Black, Copper, Green
Magnetic Closure NO

Case is Made in China, below you can see the various certifications mark on it.

Sony SCR24 case Certifications - Made in China

How to Pair ?

To pair the case with your Xperia Z3, activate NFC on your device and then bring it near the below shown in built NFC tag on SCR24 case. It will prompt you to download the various smart windows widgets and apps which can be accessed from smart window without opening the cover.

You can also download the Sony’s official SCR24 case Xperia Themes available on Play Store.

Sony SCR24 case NFC Tag Mark

If you look closely, there is a circular mark in below pic; it is where magnetic sensor is placed.

Sony SCR24 Smart Window function

How to place your device ?

Peel of the sheet from the inner side of back flap of case and place your device on the adhesive gel pad.

How to Put Xperia Z3 in SCR24 case ?

Remove the protective layer from smart window.

Put Xperia Z3 in SCR24 case

USB and magnetic charging dock port can be accessed without opening the case. Check the below pic without Xperia Z3 showing that USB cable and charging dock pins can be easily inserted.

Sony SCR24 Case ports area

Xperia Z3 SCR24 case vs Xperia Z2 SCR10 case design

Sony introduced Smart Window cover for the first time ( for Xperia Z3 ) and previously they launched SCR10 case for Xperia Z2. Both cases are made up of PU Leather material.

Xperia Z3 SCR24 case vs Xperia Z2 SCR10 case design

Sony branding is placed on front flap on SCR10 case for Xperia Z2 and on back side of SCR24 case for Xperia Z3.

Sony SCR24 vs SCR10 case

Ports openings are not accessible in SCR10 case ( while case is closed ).

Sony SCR24 vs SCR10 case

SCR10 can be used as desk stand while the same functionality is absent in SCR24 case.

Xperia Z3 SCR24 case vs Xperia Z2 SCR10 case

Flexible movement of back flap of SCR10 case is possible.

SCR24 vs SCR10 case

Read our full Xperia Z2 SCR10 case hands on review here.

Smart Window functions

You can perform following things from smart window of the case.

  • Access Sony Walkman app.
  • Access to Sony Clock and Alarm app.
  • Access to Sony’s Weather Widget app.
  • Access to Sony Camera app ( in 4:3 ratio you can take pictures ).
  • Access to answer/end call.


  • Light Weight.
  • Smooth finished material.
  • All ports accessible without opening cover.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Compatible with Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK48.
  • Smart Rotation function enabled.
  • Magnetic sensor inside the case.
  • Smart Window widgets and app provided access to camera, calls etc.
  • In built NFC tag.


  • Can’t be used as desk stand case.
  • No Magnetic closure.
  • Inner material of front flap attracts dust.
  • Shock Proof – No
  • No real leather used, synthetic material used.
  • Adhesive gel pad seems to loose it sticky property after you remove the phone a few times.

Sony SCR24 Style Cover Window case is available now in all 4 colors from Clove UK, shipping world wide.

Smart window functions is a very catchy feature of Sony SCR24 Style Cover Window case for Xperia Z3 and if you are going for a flip cover for Xperia Z3, it seems a very good choice. A full review of SCR24 case with Xperia Z3 will be soon put up.

If you are using Sony SCR24 Style Cover Window case for Xperia Z3, let us know if you like the product. Drop your comments below.

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  1. Marcin December 9, 2014 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    My cover scr24 not be combined with xperia z3 and do not appear in the window. why?
    I got stuck on the phone protective glass. Is the protective glass blocks xperia connection X3


  2. Omar J January 10, 2015 at 3:28 am - Reply

    Just have it, and I have being using it for a day. So far… Is a Great accessory for the phone, but yeah… the “glue sticker” that suppose to hold the phone is not great….
    other than that, is awesome how it envelops the phone. 3 stars of 5.

  3. Bakheit. M March 25, 2015 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    what the difference between SCR24 & SCR26. My mobile device is Sony Xperia z3 dual, which one will suit my phone.

    • Anurag Kumar March 25, 2015 at 3:51 pm - Reply

      SCR24 is for Xperia Z3 and SCR26 is for Z3 Compact. Get SCR24 for Z3 Dual.

  4. Sina.Abouei March 28, 2015 at 1:28 am - Reply

    Hello. Is the smart cover scr24 for xperia z1? Please tell me quickly. Thanks good luck

  5. sam bryer July 11, 2015 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    worked well for a few weeks and then became faulty. The window allowed swiping but the widgets disappeared.No help on line readily available and no manual to help with troubleshooting as far as i can see

  6. Gyro July 30, 2015 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    As the purpose of a phone cover is to protect the phone this cover is worse than useless, regardless of any cool features it might claim. The ‘gel adhesive’ does not reliably secure the phone in the cover, the phone will fall out when you open it and hit the floor unprotected. This cover is all but guaranteed to ensure your expensive phone is damaged. Don’t buy it.

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