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Long awaited UI of Sony SmartWatch 2 which was spotted at MWC 2014 event has just been rolled by Sony in form of 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11 firmware. Sony has confirmed the news of new 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11 firmware update for its SmartWatch2 on its official blog which brings many new features like customisable watch faces, wallpapers, calculators; improved Facebook and Gmail apps, notification drawer, Bluetooth connect/disconnect vibration settings.

Sony SmartWatch 2 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11 firmware update is confirmed across European regions like UK, Sweden etc. Previous firmware on Sony SmartWatch 2 was  1.0.B.3.46/1.0.A.3.8. SmartWatch 2 SW2 app on Google Play Store has also been updated with new UI.

SmartWatch 2 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11 firmware update

SmartWatch 2 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11 firmware update has a new feature of customizing watch faces now. A new drag and drop feature has been added to adjust watch face. Choose from date, weather, apps etc to be displayed on screen.

SmartWatch 2 1.0.B.4.152 1.0.A.4.11 firmware

SmartWatch 2 1.0.B.4.152 1.0.A.4.11 update

New set of wallpapers are available now on Sony SmartWatch 2 for users.

SmartWatch 2 1.0.B.4.152 1.0.A.4.11 Wallpapers

If you have also updated your SmartWatch 2 on 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11 firmware then let us know, do you like this new update. Drop your comments below.

via – XDA

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  1. Pepa April 23, 2014 at 2:24 am - Reply

    So watch include one game!
    But it must be activated:
    ,, After dialing 1035 and pressing the keyboard = new Calculator application will be made available WatchWorm game.,,

  2. meor April 23, 2014 at 4:42 am - Reply

    Still getting frequent connects and disconnect making the battery life shorter

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