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Skunk Juice is famous for making headphones and earphones with a unique patented magnetic technology that allows user to pair up more than 1 earphone with the same audio device so that audio sharing becomes easy and Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds is one of its kind. Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds is a special type of earphones pack which includes 4 earbuds allowing you to connect 2 separate earphones with the same connecting parent audio device.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds looks like usual earphone but it has magnetic connecting wires through which you connect to 3.5 mm headphone jack and a common magnetic connector allowing you to pair up more than 2 earphones. Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds costs $59.99, ships worldwide from US and available in white and black color.

A moment ago we posted preliminary review of Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones and now it’s turn of Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds ( tested with our Xperia Z1 and compatible with other Xperia smartphones ). Let’s see what’s so special about it.

[ REVIEW ] Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds comes in a small black-green box with a magnetic flip cover.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds Review

On back side of box, product’s pictorial representation is there.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Box
Skunk Juice FG-2 Package

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds specifications

  • Speaker Diameter – 10 mm
  • Frequency Range – 20-20K Hz
  • Impedance – 16 Ohms
  • Length of cable –  105 cm
  • Plug Type –  3.5 mm 10 micron Gold Plated
  • Sensitivity – 101 ± 4 dB

2 Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds pairs are present inside the box.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Contents inside box

Inside the box there are 2 collar clips, a few white earbuds, manual, black color carrying pouch, Skunk Juice tattoos and a warranty / instructions manual.

2 Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds Details

Skunk Juice FG-2 Warranty Manual

Below you can see Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds in black color with white earbuds on.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds in black and white

A common magnetic connector is present in both Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds  so that they can be connected to one joint magnetic connector.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic connector

Close look of joint magnetic connector of Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic wire

Both Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds connected to joint magnetic connector for sharing.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic wire connector
Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic connector joint

Inline microphone is provided in each Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Microphone

Skunk Juice FG-2 Inline Microphone

Skunk Juice logo is embossed on each earphone.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Logo on earbuds
Skunk Juice FG-2 Logo

Threaded steel like mesh grill present inside over hearing speaker.

Skunk Juice FG-2 hearing speaker

3.5 mm headphone jack connectivity.

Skunk Juice FG-2 3.5 mm headphone jack connectivity

Magnetic connector is present at each end of 3.5 mm headphone connecting wire.

Skunk Juice FG-2 3.5 mm headphone


  • Pairs atleast 2 earphones very easily.
  • Inline microphone.
  • Sound and bass level is great.


  • Not much comfortable in ears.

Overall they are like normal earphones you see in market from other manufacturers but magnetic connecting wires through which you can pair more than 2 earphones pairs is simply awesome as now you don’t need a headphone jack split plug.

If you know any similar product like Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds which uses magnetic connecting wires, let us know. Like the above product or not, drop your comments below.

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