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Sony rolled Android 4.2.2 on Xperia M Dual but it left Xperia M on android 4.1.2, the then Xperia M users are asking us when they will get android 4.2.2 update. As per Sony’s earlier plan for android 4.3 update, only a few phones will be getting android 4.3 for now and the ones which are left are Xperia M, Xperia L, Xperia E, Xperia C.

We just noticed on Vodafone Australia blog where they have posted a software update schedule for some handsets, it seems Xperia M will directly be updated to android 4.3 from android 4.1.2, at present status of Xperia M android 4.3 is “testing scheduled”. Besides Xperia M, Xperia SP and TX are also seen with android 4.3 status as in “testing”.

Check the Xperia M android 4.3 software update plan of Vodafone Australia.

Xperia M Android 4.3 Update - Vodafone AustraliaWhen we asked concerned Vodafone Australia support that are they sure that Xperia M will get android 4.3 as Sony clearly mentioned on their blog that Xperia M will not get android 4.3 so in return we got a reply that “As soon as everything runs smoothly in testing phase, Xperia M will get android 4.3 update”.

Check below the copy of our conversation with the Vodafone Australia support on Xperia M Android 4.3 update confirmation.

Xperia M Android 4.3 testingIf somehow Xperia M gets Android 4.3 update by chance then it will be a big surprise for us as Xperia L left out with android 4.2.2 update and Xperia M getting Android 4.3. Kindly note that it may or may not come, as Sony has not come up with any official word on Android 4.3 for Xperia M till now.

Last night Xperia SP got new 12.1.A.0.266 firmware certified and Xperia T, V getting  9.2.A.0.295 firmware certified on PTCRB, it can be the case that it is the firmware which Vodafone Australia has put up on their blog.

How do you feel Xperia L users, if Android 4.3 is rolled on Xperia M in future and nothing for Xperia L. What do you think Xperia M users, excited about android 4.3 huh ? Drop your comments below.

[ via – Vodafone Australia ]

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  1. sanjaya January 30, 2014 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    well as a XL user i guess XL will get KITKAT directly by skipping 4.3 from Sony’s 2nd Kitkat update batch. what you think anurag? sony already roved L is capable of running kitkat by releasing AOSP..

    • Anurag Kumar January 30, 2014 at 4:22 pm - Reply

      yes very sure XL will get KitKat in 2nd batch, hope KitKat comes for XL, XC atleast…Doubt is for XT,XV,XTX may be 4.3 is the last update for them but as they have S4 processor they may also get KitKat.

  2. Abhishek January 30, 2014 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    What about Xperia c, it has even better specs then l and m

  3. Sabith mk February 15, 2014 at 5:00 am - Reply

    Tell me when the android 4.3 update release for xperia m c1904………………… :'(

  4. reyaztantary March 27, 2014 at 11:27 pm - Reply

    Which date comes Android 4.3 for Sony Xperia M dual update in india comes

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