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Well I am very much impressed by Sony launching a pen drive which can work both in computer and phone, sound cool huh. I decided to order a Sony USM-OTG-SA1 16 GB USB 2.0 Utility Pendrive from Flipkart. I ordered it on 8 Jan 2014 paying Rs 965 ( $15.68 ). At that time of Flipkart, Sony USM-OTG-SA1 16 GB USB 2.0 Utility Pendrive was available with 5 concerned sellers and I placed the order with the seller “Raga Mobile Sales and Service”.

So, what happened next ? I received a package from Flipkart on 13 Jan 2014, what I found it Flipkart sent me a 8 GB Pen Drive edition instead of mine 16 GB one and with a bill named to some other person. WTF is that.! I called Flipkart support regarding this they told me that they will arrange a pick up for the item and I will be getting a refund, is it so easy huh ? I declined to accept the refund from Flipkart. I decided to call the seller directly and he said he don’t have the stock of that pen drive anymore so he can’t accept a replacement Lol 😛

What Actually happened ? Let’s go in detail…

I ordered Sony USM-OTG-SA1 16 GB USB 2.0 Utility Pendrive with this seller “Raga Mobile Sales and Service” as his listing was available at that time on Flipkart.

My Order Receipt :-

Order Id on Flipkart – OD40108053519

Below you can have a look at the screenshot of order id. [ Click to ZOOM it ]

Flipkart Customer Service is Worst

“Raga Mobile Sales and Service” Seller of Flipkart Details :-

Seller name – “Raga Mobile Sales and Service”
Seller Address :- Shop No 8. Lancelot Bidg. S. V. Road, Next to Sahara Sagar Restaurant, Borivali ( West ), Mumabi : 400092, Email id :- [email protected]
Phone Number :- 32483377, Cell Phone “- +919867087193

Above seller shipped me 8 GB Pen Drive instead of 16 GB one and with the bill named to some other person. Check the Bill which was packed inside the package sent to me.

The Bill was named to some other person “Rahul Menon” from Andheri Mumbai, invoice date 8 Jan 2014.

Don’t Trust Flipkart, it SUCKS

What went wrong ?

On 13 Jan 2014 I called Flipkart to arrange a replacement of the product instead of giving me a refund, why should I accept the refund when it is Flipkart’s mistake or seller’s mistake or courier companies fault that they have sent me a wrong package i.e. they have sent me some Rahul Menon’s 8 GB pen drive and we can assume that mine was sent to him.

What I wanted now ?

I simply asked Flipkart now to send me a replacement product instead of giving me a refund in Flipkart’s wallet, Why should I accept that ? Why should I suffer it, Flipkart Sent me wrong product and now want me to compromise over it.

Dispute Raised with Flipkart

I am not settling on refund, I need my 16 GB Pen Drive back. I have told this stuff to Flipkart Team 10 times during 13-20 Jan 2014. Flipkart made be suffer and now I want them to suffer like hell. NO RESOLUTION FROM FLIPKART TILL NOW

I registered two complaints with Flipkart regarding this, one complaint number is “140115-0225322

I called on Flipkart’s toll free number “18001023547” and have called more than 10 times between 13-20 Jan 2014. Flipkart support members told me that I will be getting call from Flipkart’s support team regarding this but they never called me back. Last call back from Flipkart team to me was on 16 Jan 2014 and they promised me 3 times after that regarding a call back but never called to me.

Don’t Trust Flipkart, it SUCKS

Flipkart is listing poor seller’s on its’ website and sending wrong items to the customers with wrong bill and not accepting its fault also.

After wasting my 7 days and after telling Flipkart support team that I am not settling on refund, Flipkart wants me to settle on refund and asking me to compromise that I should accept the offer as the product is no longer

Why should I ? Was it my fault that they sent me someone’s else item ? It is out of stock so What do I care ? I paid and now I need my item, Why should I pay more after getting refund for the same item when it is Flipkart’s fault.

I will not settle on getting refund from flipkart and will file a complaint in consumer court against Flipkart positively tomorrow morning.

In past I have ordered so many things from Flipkart but now I will not buy anymore.

Do not buy from this FRAUD seller “Raga Mobile Sales and Service”  from his listing on Flipkart

“Raga Mobile Sales and Service” is a big time fraud seller, poor service from his side. Ignore all listing from this seller, this seller simply eats customer’s money and send them wrong products and even don’t accept his fault. He simply SUCKS. AVOID buying from this seller.

Flipkart Removes Negative Reviews, YES they do.

As you all know if you make any negative review on Flipkart then they will simply remove your review from the product. So I decided to review their customer support as worst on my blog by myself. I have also rated negative to the seller, let’s see how ling will Flipkart keep that review on their site.

Below you can find my negative rating for the “Raga Mobile Sales and Service” seller on Flipkart.

Do not buy from this FRAUD seller Raga Mobile Sales and Service  from his listing on Flipkart

I will not settle on getting refund anymore unless Flipkart ends up paying for that, wasting my 8 days, delaying to solve me dispute and not coming up with a resolution.

Moral of the Story :- Don’t trust Flipkart blindly, they will make you fool and ends up eating your time and money.

[ UPDATE – 21 Jan ]

My issue is still not solved and I was told I will get a call from Flipkart on Monday 20 Jan regarding this but no call made to me, Flipkart promised that we will call you on Tuesday but no call made to me on Tuesday 21 Jan also, Clearly FLIPKART IS A LIAR, DON’T TRUST THEIR WORDS.

I also tweeted regarding saying #FlipkartSUCKS to Flipkart official Twitter Support and no response from Flipkart Side yet.

Flipkart is simply ignoring all my mails and tags and asking me to settle on refund which I will not. I posted on my Facebook account asking my all fellow bloggers friends whether Flipkart service is good or not and guess what all said Flipkart Sucks.

If you have ever come across any situation like this where Flipkart has cheated you do let us know, we would like to hear on this issue from your side. Flipkart customer service is getting worst day by day, it simply sucks.

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  1. Rishi January 20, 2014 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    same happened to me, they shipped a wrong product to me also….seller was different that time :/

  2. Mahima Bansal January 20, 2014 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    WTF they sent you wrong product 😛 LOL Flipkart only takes costly items seriously, they provide carp service when it comes to cheap products.

  3. Rashi January 20, 2014 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    IT happens, we too have heard this issue that flipkart discriminates on the amount of order sadly.

    • Anurag Kumar January 20, 2014 at 9:31 pm - Reply

      yes nowdays flipkart is acting like that and the same thing happened to me actually.

  4. Madhur January 20, 2014 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    Flipkart was good in past but after getting so many listing of sellers, Flipkart is crap place now to buy products.

  5. Pranshul January 20, 2014 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    Why don’t you settle on refund ?

    • Anurag Kumar January 20, 2014 at 9:39 pm - Reply

      because they wasted my 8 days and now giving me same crap solution, which I would have settled on 13th Jan.

  6. Neetu January 20, 2014 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    Flipkart is actually bullying all customers, well done buddy :/ Go kick flipkart’s ass this time…

  7. Nikhil D January 20, 2014 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    great… this post will make many ppl aware to be cautious and stop trusting flipkart blindly…
    even i had ordered Nvidia GT650ti boost edition costing 13500, and the metal frame used to screw card to the Cabinet was bend, and could not get replacement so finally i had to use and plier from my toolbox and make it proper so as to unable to install in my system

    • Anurag Kumar January 20, 2014 at 10:04 pm - Reply

      yes Flipkart is now doing this…I should have settle for refund but I simply want Flipkart to suffer, they are just fooling customers now. :/ Day after tomorrow will file a complaint in consumer court.
      Earlier in September 2013, I filed a consumer complaint in court regarding Xperia Z1 screen against “Sony Mobiles India” and they ended up in replacing my product ASAP, now it’s turn for Flipkart.

  8. Naveen January 21, 2014 at 10:15 am - Reply

    After reading this, we should be careful ordering items on FilpCart or any online traders, coz of they rely worst sellers that they send wrong products, invoices like your case.

    This is the worst thing when it comes to a online retailer become a fame among customers and handling the volume of orders, they always forget to provide good back end service to customers whether the product is costlier one or low cost one.

    You’ve opened their masks by this blog post and this helpful others to make sure NOT to order the product from worst seller with false promises or commitments.


  9. Aparajita January 21, 2014 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    Yup agree same happened with me 🙁

  10. Haresh P June 3, 2014 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    Such nonsense Flipkart is that I feel its better to shop in the traditional way than to use suck online businesses that either keep us waiting or delivers something other than what was ordered, I mean, are we going to them for PAID suffering to us?

    Flipkart does not have satisfactory Customer support system not does have healthy delivery system.

    Beware of flipkart to be avoid disappointments after buying something that should bring smile on your face.

    Happy shopping (at least traditionally 🙂 )

  11. Zak June 24, 2014 at 11:36 am - Reply

    I’m worried!
    I ordered a sony headphone from flipkart from the same seller 🙁
    but after placing the order only i came to know about this.
    The product still have to be delivered,
    I’m really worried after reading this,
    Bro what is the status of ur case ??
    what should i do if i get a wrong product 🙁
    will going with consumer court cost a lot ?

  12. pushpraj October 8, 2014 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    Worst service ever. Please dont order through Flipkart ever.

    Shipment of items in order OD000756082282631300 by

    I have ordered this item in 99 Rs afterwards they change the price to 999 and cancel my order saying out of order but stock still exist in 999 Rs.I will file a lawsuit against your company for this inconvenience.I promise I will sue you for this. This is your mistake why i have to suffer for your mistake.

  13. LeftUnnamed March 22, 2015 at 11:22 am - Reply

    I got email about new account creation. I had not created the account. WHen I email flipkart customer service they tell me to log in and change notification preferences. What the.. ? I replied that no I didnt create account. Then I get a reply that “a friend or a neighbour may have created account for you”. So you send me spam. dozens every day. Fools. I just did “forgot password” reset password to fake account, then totally messed up the settings.

  14. Sunsreej May 26, 2015 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    Flipkart is sending wrong, gullible and sub-standard product instead of a credible brand/product which the customer has rightly ordered.

    Pushing unwanted products or dumping scrap items in Indian Market is the norm for Flipkart which till recently was doing really good in terms of Quality, Service and Social Responsibility, is gone below their standards now, after lots of investors on Board are questioning its legible business model since it is bleeding and under loss on daily basis, Flipkart is under pressure and is liable for the high-profile investors looking for early and easy returns.

    Under sever pressure from the money pumped in, Flipkart is cracking and losing its stability and credibility, which will affect the organization seriously in its short run! May be with is deep pockets and heavy influences it can with stand fooling the aspiring Online Shoppers for some more time, but not all the time!

    Till recently a hard core fan of Flipkart,

    My recent experience:-

    Always, it is not the money, it is about your need to protect the phone, it is the desire to buy a cover which make the phone different and feel nice, it is about the time I wasted online in Flipkart surfing and browsing for the right product, it is about trusting Flipkart and paying advance for the product I rightly ordered, it is about the time I expected in anticipation of the product to be delivered even after I am a flipkart first subscriber, it is about feeling cheated and fooled once the product is delivered, it is about wasting time to return and ask for refund and again waiting for refund for a week!

    There are people who does not cancel, return or ask for a refund – Flipkart is cheating them. Push the dead stock, clear off the warehouse which is piled up with scrap – dumped products from China!

    I recently bought a mobile back case cover for Rs.119/- which Flipkart claimed to be selling for Rs.1199/-! which itself is a false claim!
    When I received the parcel after 5 days of ordering, I found that it is a different product – an ugly, spoiled and some street-sold brand which does not even cost Rs.30/- by any standards!

    I tried to speak to the customer care of my plight to get it replaced with the product which I chose after long struggle surfing their website and which I found suitable for the mobile which I bought through Flipkart only.

    It was sold out and no stock available for a replacement; only money refund is the Option which I must settle or else I stand losing money, product, time and efforts which is warned by Flipkart Customer care.

    This is not the only case, I have experienced the same; receiving wrong product 7 times on an average order of 20 in the last 4 to 6 months!

    A pair of shoe – received wrong size and wrong model, but the same brand.

    Another pair of Shoe – received a fake product – of some street cobble made stuff.

    Watch – received a replica product of a premium brand, sold heavily discounted but never mentioned it as a replica or fake – when taken to the exclusive retailer, identified as fake product and Flipkart is not authorized to sell their products!

    2 Branded Mobiles – received with problems in the handset- felt like a pirated one!

    But got is replaced with new ones!

    Most Importantly, when i subscribed to the Flipkart first advantage, it was never prominently mentioned that is will be useful for only Flipkart binami – its illegal subsidiary WS Retail sold items only.
    But ever since i bought that Flipkart reduced their WS retail products sold and upped products from third party vendors – which now accounts for almost 95% of the products sold through their website. I wasted paying money for that subscription which Flipkart claimed to have some advantages!

    Flipkart is making fools of the Government, People and all the Systems in India.

    Flipkart clear off their Dead Stocks and Non-starter products by deliberately or forcefully sending those to unsuspecting customers.

    Flipkart knows that many of its customers do not take the trouble of wasting their valuable time returning or asking for a refund for small amounts; which is the real gain for Flipkart.

    Customers lose money, time and trust!

    Flipkart hold the money paid in advance to buy a product for half a month which accumulates to Multi Billions of Indian Rupee on any given day.

    Finally, customers are at the receiving end, either have to be complacent on the received product or must wait for their money to be refunded after a long struggle.

    Flipkart lures the Indian Class with False Discount Claims and exploits their Desire.

    Flipkart exploits Online Shoppers and aspiring class and cheats them – Either pushing wrong products and non-starters or making them purchase what is not needed.

    There must be a strong Anti-Dumping law; and have a credible and massive raid in all Flipkart Warehouses where they store Sub-standard products to be pushed in to Indian Market deliberately without any customer ever wanting it!

    There are useless products pushed off from China stored in Flipkart Warehouses in Container lots – billions in numbers and tons of products of every single scrap items which they burden an unsuspecting Online Shopper!

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