20 to 50 Employees – What Is the Right Phone System for You?

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Unlike large corporations, small business owners form lasting, personal relationships with their customers. The main reason that such relationships are forged is due to an understanding that you, as a business owner, are nothing without loyal customers and a good communications system.

But what is a good business communications system exactly? That depends on the services or products you provide, of course. If you own a Pizza place then your communication needs are very different from someone who runs a small dental office. However, one thing remains unchanged: you need a reliable way to stay in touch with your clients. If your customers cannot reach you easily then you are in trouble.

There are emails, chat rooms and a myriad of different options. And yet people still prefer to use the phone. You might want to give your personal phone number to a few key customers, but things can get out of hand if you do this over and over again. While your work shouldnít take over your life, you still need to be available regardless of where you are. It sounds a little bit like a catch-22, but it isn’t.

Did you know that you can get phone calls in your smartphone when people dial your office number? Did you know that your company can have the same auto-attendant features that big organizations have? Reliable telephone systems allow businesses to be available to their clients from anywhere, without fear of dropped lines or bad connections.

Right Phone System

Selecting the optimal phone system for your needs is no easy task since there are many things to consider before buying one. And no, we are not talking about the price (some systems are less expensive than the latest iPhone). One BIG variable to take into account is the number of lines needed for your office. With that in mind, letís take a look at some of the best phone systems for small business to meet their daily demands.

Top 5 Phone Systems for your Small Business

  • AT&T SB67118 4-Line Corded/Cordless Small Business Phone System – If your line of work has you away from your desk the majority of the day, then this AT&T phone system is right for you. Featuring the latest DECT 6.0 technology, these cordless phones come with three handsets, expandable range repeaters for maximum range and a fully integrated answering system. Other useful functions include: push to talk intercom, 4-line lighted display, call transfer, page and 50 name and number caller ID history.
  • Mission Machines Z60 VoIP Phone System Package with 4 Phones – Enjoy powerful features at an affordable price point. The Mission Machines Z-60 lets small businesses enjoy features typically reserved for their larger competitors. Unlike other phone systems, this one comes pre-programmed, so businesses can simply plug in and start using their VoIP phone systems, as explained on this product page at TelcoDepot.com, without having to hire a technician and pay a hefty fee. The Mission Machines Z60 is a terrific buy for businesses with multiple sites as it supports remote locations.
  • Allworx 6X server with 4 Mixed VoIP Phones Bundle – For businesses with fifty employees, the Allworx 6X server with 4 mixed VoIP phones is a state of the art communications system. Improve your companyís productivity with features like: call forward/transfer, Call Park and retrieve, dial by name or extension, distinctive ring and more. Set up does not require a technician, an added bonus for businesses on a budget.
  • Syspine A50Plus Package – 4 Line Server with 4 Mixed IP phones – Designed for 2 to 50 employees, the Syspine A50Plus is a reliable system for both home offices or small business. It is easy to install and can be maintained without the need of a technician. Businesses can connect up to 50 IP telephones with this system. The Syspine A50Plus comes equipped with powerful features like auto attendant, built-in voicemail and call forwarding to help increase your staffís productivity.
  • AastraLink Response Point 4 Line 3 Phone System – For businesses with less than fifty employees, the AastraLink Response Point 4 line 3 phone system delivers powerful features: advanced call routing, built-in voicemail, and automated receptionist to name a few. The AastraLink Response Point telephone systems are powered by Microsoft Response Point phone system software.

This is just a short list of phone systems for small business users that will greatly impact your daily operations and overall productivity. To succeed and be a contender in your industry, small businesses need to invest in a system of telephones that provides them with rich features to effectively connect with their customers from near and far.

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