11 Awesome Instagram Tips and Tricks

If you are an Instagram user, you need to work smart! There is cut-throat social media competition going on, and if you aren’t smart, you’ll be left behind in this marathon! To help you become an insta-scientist, I decided to share these awesome tricks!

  1. If you often miss the latest pictures of people you follow, worry no more! You can be notified when some of your favorite Instagrammers post something. Just go to that user’s account and opt for ‘Turn On Post Notifications.’
  2. If you handle a large account and the notification pop-ups annoy you now and then, then go to your account’s settings, click on ‘Push Notification Settings’ and manage what notifications you wish to receive.
  3. If you are tagged in a photo, but you have grave privacy concerns, you can hide the photo from your profile. Just click on ‘…’ icon on the tagged photo and go to ‘Photo Options’ then check on ‘Remove Tag’ or turn off ‘Keep In Photos Of You.’
  4. For strict privacy concerns, if you don’t wish to be automatically tagged in some photo, you can monitor that too! Just go to your tagged photos and click on triple-dots on upper right corner. Tap on ‘Tagging Options’ and then check mark on ‘Add Manually.’ Now you can allow or decline any photo you are being tagged in.
  5. Can’t find a post you had liked a week ago? No need to mess up looking for it! Just go to your account settings and tap on ‘Posts You’ve Liked.’ There you go!
  6. Well everyone has got a few favorite filters, and while posting a photo on Instagram, messing up with all filters turn by turn is not unusual. Act smart, and once you locate your favorite filter, long-tap the filters you want to hide and then drag it all the way to ‘Drag To Hide’ option. Another way is to scroll all the way to the right of the row and in ‘Manage’ option, arrange the order of the filters; or even hide them.
  7. Do you know you are not surfing Instagram without adding to the search history? If you wish that there remains no search history on Instagram, go to settings and scroll down. An option to clear search history will appear. Hashtag Sigh!
  8. You can smartly drive Instagram traffic to your external website too! Mention your site’s link in your Bio and also refer it under photos as a caption!
  9. If you are also freaked every time writing your Bio because of no line break option, then you need to work smart! Type your Bio somewhere else with line breaks and then copy paste it!
  10. If you want to post some candid picture temporarily and wish it vanishes all by itself, Instachat is an update introduced in the app. It lets you post Insta story that disappears after 24 hours. You can also control the number of audience for the story.
  11. You can send the story privately to one of your contacts by Instachat introduced into the message inbox!

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